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backupexec returns LOGIN CREDENTIALS ARE INVALID when authenticating to the netware server. 8000000b

(Last modified: 14Jan2005)

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netware 6.5

backing up nds with tsands.nlm

multi server tree

problem is intermittant

backup exec tape software


backupexec returns LOGIN CREDENTIALS ARE INVALID  when authenticating to the netware server. 8000000b

8000000b error means INVALID TARGET


This problem only happend when backing up ds with tsands.nlm. Tsa600, tsafs nlms worked fine. Debug code showed that an error 8000000b was being returned. This means INVALID TARGET-. The problem is intermittant. Sometimes BE would connect fine. We gave them some debug code and the problem never happend again.


 The MemManager and Context need to be valid pointers to structures and the Address must be between 0FFFFFFF and FFFF0000.  One of these things must not be right for your customers to be failing in this tsa_BuildResourceList the way that they are.


Please apply tsa5up17.exe or later.


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