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How to configure iManager to make a SSL LDAP connection to a second tree

(Last modified: 12Mar2004)

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How to configure iManager to make a SSL LDAP connection to a second tree


Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 for NetWare 6.5

Novell iManager 2


Unable to change simple password via iManager to a remote tree.


For iManager to make an SSL/TLS connection to a tree, Tomcat has to have the LDAP certificates imported to the keystore.
If multiple trees will be managed from a single iManager installation. Then a certificates need to imported to iManager from the server where the LDAP connection should me made.


For Netware on the iManager Server, the following should be done to import the Certificates.
1)  Edit sys:\system\tckeygen.ncf  

java -classpath sys:/adminsrv/lib/tcnwutils.jar;sys:/adminsrv/lib/ecbldap.jar;sys:/adminsrv/lib/ecbsecurity.jar;sys:/adminsrv/lib/jdom.jar;sys:/adminsrv/lib/ecb.jar com.novell.application.tomcat.util.EDirectoryIntegrator -keystoreWork=true -keystore=sys:\adminsrv\conf\.keystore -keystorealias=mykey1 -keystorePass=apache -servername=localhost -secure=true

The following parameters should be changed to reflect your environment:
-servername=<LDAP_SERVER_IP>  Change to reflect LDAP server
-keystorealias=<Servername>   Can be any name; recommended to use the LDAP server name
2) Run tckeygen from the console to import the certificates.

3) Restart Tomcat.

4) Login to iManager and login to the different tree -  all administration tasks requiring an LDAP SSL connection can now be used.


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