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Cannot single sign on to SuSE Linux Open ExChange server with iChain

(Last modified: 02Aug2004)

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iChain 2.2

iChain 2.3

SuSE SuSE Linux Open Exchange (SLOX) mail server

Authentication enabled

FormFill enabled


Cannot single sign on to SuSE Linux Open ExChange server with iChain

iChain Formfill fails to login to SLOX server

SLOX Login credentials not autoPosted by iChain


Modify the SLOX server login page to end the <form> tag correctly.

The default login page on the SLOX server ( in /srv/www/lib/func) uses perl to build the login page. The opening <form> tag exists but is never ended. The end result is that iChain never passes the credentials in the formfill response to the browser where it asks the browser to POST the credentials. After modifying the perl based login page (a sample modified login page is attached here), it is important that the Apache server be restarted in order to regenerate the perl script. This can be done on the SLOX server by simply typing 'rcapache restart' at the command line when logged in as root, or with a user with sufficient rights to execute this command.

The corresponding formfill page that allows the single sign on to SLOX is as follows:

<input name="uid" VALUE="~">
<input name="passwd" VALUE="~">
<input name="lang" value="EN">


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  • Creation Date: 02Aug2004
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