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GroupWise 6.5 and Microsoft Windows XP Support Pack 2 Issues

(Last modified: 16Jan2006)

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Novell GroupWise 6

Novell GroupWise 6.5

Novell GroupWise 32bit Client

Novell GroupWise Notify

Microsoft Windows XP


GroupWise client does not show new mail

Notify does not notify of new mail

Need to hit F5 to see new mail in client

GroupWise client does not Refresh

Busy search does not return for remote Post Office

New mail envelope icon does not appear.


Installed Windows XP SP2 and enabled Windows Firewall


With Windows XP SP2 the Windows Firewall is enabled by default and the default settings block UDP.  GroupWise is dependent on UDP for the above features.


GroupWise development is working on a solution to automatically configure the Windows Firewall to allow access to the GroupWise applications.  In the meantime it will be necessary to manually configure Windows Firewall to allow UDP.  There are a couple of ways of achieving this but the easiest for GroupWise is to add GroupWise and GroupWise Notify to the exceptions list on the firewall.

Access the Windows Security Center from the icon on the Taskbar.  In the new window select Windows Firewall under 'Manage security settings'.  Make sure that Don't allow exceptions is not checked.  On the Exceptions tab select Add Program and add GroupWise and GroupWise Notify.

1. Go to the Control Panel and choose Windows Firewall.  The following dialog box will appear.


2.  Click on the Exceptions tab and the following Windows Firewall dialog appears:


3. Click on Add Program


4.  Select GroupWise and Click "OK"

5.  Do the same for Notify, the GroupWise Address Book, and GroupWise Messenger. Your Exceptions List will now appear like this:


6. Then click Ok to exit the Firewall dialog and return to the Windows desktop.

7.  Start GroupWise and Notify.  If they were already running while doing these steps, they both must be stopped and restarted.

You may also accomplish the same thing by adding String Values to the following registry key:


"C:\Novell\GroupWise\ADDRBOOK.EXE"="C:\Novell\GroupWise\ADDRBOOK.EXE:*:Enabled:GroupWise Address Book"
"C:\Novell\Messenger\NMCL32.exe"="C:\Novell\Messenger\NMCL32.exe:*:Enabled:GroupWise Messenger"
"C:\Novell\GroupWise\Notify.exe"="C:\Novell\GroupWise\Notify.exe:*:Enabled:GroupWise Notify"


Create a text file with a .reg extension and the following contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\GrpWise.exe"="C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\GrpWise.exe:*:Enabled:Novell GroupWise"
"C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\Notify.exe"="C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\Notify.exe:*:Enabled:Novell Notify"
"C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\ADDRBOOK.EXE"="C:\\Novell\\GroupWise\\ADDRBOOK.EXE:*:Enabled:GroupWise Address Book"
"C:\\Novell\\Messenger\\NMCL32.exe"="C:\\Novell\\Messenger\\NMCL32.exe:*:Enabled:GroupWise Messenger"

Execute this file on any machines where the registry settings need to be imported (with ZENWorks or in a login script for example)


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