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Novell Client 4.91 Fixes Since Last Release

(Last modified: 10Mar2005)

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Novell Client 4.91 for Windows 2000/XP


Fixes since last release


1. Mid Tier functionality broken when client is upgraded from 4.9SP1a to 4.9SP2 on W2k3 server. For more information, see
2. Client Login screen hotkeys do not work because of duplication.
3. Client update agent enabled and UNC to server set, causes lost drive mappings on user login. For more information, see
4. After client install, newly created users have full access to HKCU/Software/Policies. For more information, see
5. If the password is shorter than the policy requires the error message is gibberish.
6. Screensaver only running in background when CTRL-ALT-DEL applied
7. Windows 2003 Member Server inappropriately applying TS Profile drive mapping with Novell Client.
8. PCs can be unlocked without a password. For more information, see
9. Roaming profiles fail on Windows 2003 when using a group policy. For more information, see
10. XP Remote Desktop feature shows unexplained login failures when Novell client present. For more information, see
11. Customer has a GPO defined in AD for workstations that says if a workstation is in WKSGRPDT1 then do not allow for roaming profiles.  This does not happen, and the roaming profiles are pushed down.
12. NWLSCRPT.EXE crash during Remote Desktop credential switch login.
13. Using "Simple Unlock" to force NDS-only disables use of NMAS during unlock.  For more information, see
14. Login as non Administrator after Client install displays a Windows "Install..." dialog.
15. Only after successful completion of install, should the client version be updated.
16. Fix the Novell Client 4.91 to not allow installation with the NMAS Client 2.7 or prior versions.
17. Make use of System Restore API when installing on Windows XP.
18. Unable to authenticate/login after uninstalling Novell Client.
19. NWSETUP.DLL incorrectly handling !DHCP_Server_BinaryData in UNATTEND.TXT. For more information, see
20. The remove ipx checkbox is not checked when using an unattend file with setupnw.
21. UnInstall leaves Shortcuts in start menu.
22. Unattend unable to enable Wrkstn Mgr Login Event or disable Initial Novell Login. For more information, see
23. If you install 4.91 and go to the Location Profile Property page it gives an error.
24. SetupIP Does Not Work.
25. Update Agent service causing mapped drives to disappear. For more information, see
26. The remove IPX checkbox is not checked when using an unattend file with setupnw.
27. ACU fails to run correctly from a Login Script with a UNC Path.
28. Novell Client "Start" menu items not removed during uninstall.
29. Add "Password Field" setting to Advanced Login parameters.
30. Disable the cancel button during the Novell Client install copying files message.
31. When using German NCIMAN, NMAS will still be installed. For more information, see
32. Need install files that allow for NOT installing the client update service. For more information, see
33. Enabling acu.ini settings for [ClientLocalInstall] cause install to not even occur. Specifically, when the following settings are changed and a right-click the red "N" and select Update Novell Client is performed, there is a pop-up stating update is available, click Yes to continue, nothing occurs, the process terminates. Change the acu.ini's LocalInstall=No, everything works.
34. Unable to login with 4.9 sp2.
35. SLPINFO.EXE shows "SLP Version: 1.0" regardless of SLP version mode.
36. Workstation fails to multicast, presumably when multiple & virtual adapters are present.
38. DA advertisement frames are not recognized. For more information, see
39. Blue Screen (possibly in NWDNS). For more information, see
40. SLP General parameter “Use multicast if no unscoped DA found" fails to work with 4.9 sp2 client. This parameter is used only when the SLP Protocol Version is SLPv1 or Automatic".
41. The overlay client sees only IPX-enabled trees at login while the 4.90 SP2 clients see if both IP and IPX protocols are chosen. If IP only is chosen during the install (e.g. Typical) the client sees no tree at all.
42. NWDHCP and SRVLOC need to account for option 85 being string versus byte format. For more information, see
43. Blue Screen when running Remote IP Console application.
44. File is already in use error when deleting newly created file with Win2k3. For more information, see
45. DNS of SLPDA being ignored. For more information, see
46. Increase granularity of TIME-DA-RECOVERY-INTERVAL. For more information, see
47. BSOD with NWDNS.SYS, 36371, 7-13-2004, 9:09:04 am. For more information, see
48. NWDNS.SYS - Hang when logging in. For more information, see
49. Primary domain is not used if it also appears in the search suffix list. For more information, see
50. The client ignores SLP directory agents specified by DNS name. For more information, see
51. Cannot purge files.
52. Post distribution script pauses for 10 seconds. For more information, see
53. ACU does not apply the modifications made to the location profile and SSO during upgrade.
54. Save profile after successful login is not working properly. For more information, see
55. The "right-click to show the password policy" not giving any response.
56. 'Access Denied' when you attempt to change expired password and 'prompt for password' disabled. For more information, see
57. Local user password being changed without a question prompt.
58. Need to report connection on password policy pre-check failure.
59. Multiple login prompts when logging into a second tree when mapping login scripts.
60. LDAP Problem when unlocking workstation as different user. For more information, see
61. Login dialog does not update with command line options when NMAS enabled.
62. Unable to change password after attempting to use the same password with password field disabled.
63. Non-Descriptive Universal Password Policy Error Message. For more information, see
64. Policy button in 4.9SP2 displaying different policyinfo than from iManager.
65. Error -1659 Access not allowed on unauthenticated connections. For more information, see
66. Ctrl-Alt-Del screen is skipped with USB Smart Card installed.
67. If changing password fails for eDir, Windows password is changed, creating out of sync passwords.
68. Handle Leak in Winlogon caused by the Novell Client.
69. Customer issue with the activeX controls and a custom login panel.
70. Persistent mapping shows as disconnected when logging in workstation after applying 4.9sp2. For more information, see
71. LGNCXW32!LDAPServer::LDAPServer throwing unhandled C++ exception. For more information, see
72. LDAP contextless login is taking 4 or 5 seconds to return to the gina after the user name is entered. For more information, see
73. Contextless Login "Connection timeout" does not  timeout  when LDAP server does not respond. For more information, see
74. Client 4.9 does not honor expired password on bindery login. For more information, see
75. Error code returned when the Password Requirements is not met is a hex error.
76. Password policy lists three 'lowercase' and only one 'uppercase' restriction.
77. We need the ability to not have the client sync the password to the NT Domain when a users Novell password is not expired.
78. Tree/server not found; 2nd working DNS is not asked if 1st DNS service is down. For more information, see
79. Client sends SLP Attribute request and adds character at the end of the name.
80. Expired password change fails with "password field" turned off.
81. When password disabled, & NMAS controlling password, old password not being asked for. For more information, see
82. User name disappears in CTRL-ALT-DEL lock screen.
83. Login with password field disabled produces strange results
84. CTRL+ALT+DEL window is displayed after attempting to login. Must reboot 3-4 times to login to box. For more information, see
85. Login Intruder Attempts is not being reset on a successful login after a Locked Workstation.
86. Using 4.91 client, the staging server connection gets destroyed when logging into upgrade server.
87. Login doesn't contain NDS info.
88. Show Only User Objects In List fails with DS 85.20b and later.
89. Change Password screen does not show all connected resources after applying 4.9sp1a. For more information, see
90. Attempting to delete files or folders with very long paths will BSOD.
91. eDir servers will not show up in the connected resources lists.
92. NWDNS stops trying to resolve if multiple virtual adapters exist. For more information, see
93. Client incorrectly reports an unsuccessful AD domain password change. For more information, see
94. Unable to map root a drive from the red N.
95. Unable to copy 4+ Gig files.
96. Unable to salvage files.
97. Password Policy display dialogs do not indicate which policy is being displayed.
98. Cannot display owner name when printing a job from a user who is not exist the bindery context.
99. Cannot display owner name on property page when printing a job from a user who is not exist at bin.
100. Memory leak in nwspool.dll.
101. Queue base printing stops and workstation hangs after upgrading to 4.90 SP2 client. For more information, see
102. Can't open/delete specific links in  Internet Explorer from Novell Netware Server 5.1. For more information, see
103. Space restrictions set incorrectly through NetWare Info tab in volume/directory Properties. For more information, see
104. Blue screen on Citrix Terminal Server after user’s logout.
105. Windows 2000 Terminal Servers blue screens at random times. For more information, see
106. Right Click on Red N and Netware connections option doesn't work any more with latest client.
107. Novell Client does not send a srvreq for service:directory-agent as mandated by RFC2608. For more information, see
108. Blue screen in srvloc.
109. Novell Client does not multicast to SLPv2 address. For more information, see
110. Workstation blue screens when making connection to VPN. For more information, see
111. NWfilter.sys is breaking sysprep role out of machines, cannot join domain automatically. For more information, see
112. Win2000sp3 terminal server blue screening random times. For more information, see
113. Attempting to delete files or folders with very long paths will BSOD.
114. Blue screen in NWFS.SYS running ProLaw application. For more information, see
115. Updating summary info on Summary tab on jpg file on a NW Server does not get updated. For more information, see
116. Blue Screens on Terminal Servers.
117. Client 4.9 SP2 on NT 4.0 SP6a Causes (BSOD). For more information, see
118. Problems with AccountView.
119. FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE apparently not working & leaving file open indefinitely. For more information, see
120. Blue Screen after attempting to copy a large file to the server.
121. Sharing violation with 16 bit application after upgrading to 4.9 SP2.
122. Error when saving a file with op-locks enabled. For more information, see
123. First time user logs in with expired password, user is prompted to change password for public. For more information, see
124. Client continues to cost via ICMP pings, regardless of the IP Costing method. For more information, see
125. Initial login to AD and NDS prompts twice. For more information, see
126. Proprietary PBX Application will not launch when user data is on Netware Volume. For more information, see
127. Client 4.83sp3 and 4.9sp1a are sending ICMP packest independend of the setting of IPCosting.
128. NWCWriteAuthenticationMaterials Not able to handle Cstring ASCII domain name.
129. Blue Screen in nwfs.sys.
130. Connections not being cleared properly.
131. Workstation hangs at a blue screen for 2-3 minutes if NWGINA is replaced with MSGINA.
132. Windows 2003 Blue Screen: KERNEL_APC_PENDING_DURING_EXIT (20). For more information, see
133. Opening an Access DB from server not working after installing the 4.9 SP2. For more information, see
134. 4.9 SP2 Unable to load registry or access database files on NT with long directory name. For more information, see
135. Application becomes slow as additional users attach.
136. Memory Leak.
137. 4.9 SP2pkb nwfs breaks Tree command Because of CONTEXT sharing WM and User. For more information, see
138. Blue Screen in NWFS.SYS with DFS Junctions and UTF8 enabled.
139. Client tries to rename an open file on the server, the rename fails due to an op-lock problem. For more information, see
140. Problem with NJCL and LDAP/SSL on the same Application.
141. LDAPSDK.DLL causing handle leaks on the WINLOGON.EXE process.
142. Problems authenticating into a server during a migration.
143. Login Error Code incorrect with NMAS enabled.
144. NMAS install is requiring the user to have administrator rights the first login after reboot.
145. Allow a verbose uninstall from the Windows Add/Remove Programs.
146. Currently no UP self service support for Novell Client.
147. Unable to authenticate to Windows NT after installing Client then ZfD 4.x agent, then removing the Client.
148. NWGINA using pre-localized Windows group names from resource file.
149. Language support breaks XP multi-language. For more information, see
150. Unable to set the SID on the DirectInput Registry Key. For more information, see
151. Roaming profile doesn’t get appropriate rights to his HKEY_LOCAL_USER hive. For more information, see
152. Japanese Windows 2000 machines look for files on "A:" drive after login.
153. Unable to access websites when DLU/Volatile enabled. Cookies are not being read correctly. For more information, see
.154. Windows xp does not support @ signs in the username which keeps DLU from working. The @ character like any of the other invalid character when the workstation is running XP (You get an error dialog). On NT/2000, this character is still valid.
155. Volatile user account is not deleted, after an error occurs in the login process.
156. DLU fails with second user login. For more information, see
157. DLU non volatile user in combination with NMAS method sets randomized password. For more information, see
158. When NAL is the shell, User Policies don't apply. For more information, see
159. The Roaming Profile copy to local workstation ignores the excluded folders registry. For more information, see
160. Group Polices are not applied to users that are member of the Group Users on a Windows 2003 with Terminal Services installed. For more information, see
161. DLU doesn't work for W2003 TS RDP sessions. For more information, see
162. Mid Tier broken when client is upgraded from 4.9SP1a to 4.9SP2 on W2k3 server. For more information, see
163. Novell Client does nothing when grace login are 0 Novell Client do nothing when grace login are 0.
164. Connections not cleared in an error condition.


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