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Linux SLP Quickstart

(Last modified: 10Nov2004)

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SuSe Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) 8

SuSe Enterprise Linux Server (SLES)


How do I configure SLP on Linux?

Linux SLP Quickstart

Linux SLP Quick start

Configuring SLP on Linux


Summary:  One can configure SLP on linux to be a SA (service agent to register services with the DA) and or one can configure the Linux server to be the DA (Directory Agent).

SLES 8 instructions:

mod the conf file
vi /etc/slpuasa.conf

Configuring Linux to be an SA (Similar to modifying the sys\etc\slp.cfg on NetWare).
If SA only (SA registers with the DA all its services).
For example the following tell the linux box to register it's services with the NW DA and act as a DA
net.slp.useScopes = DEFAULT

/etc/init.d/slpuasa stop
/etc/init.d/slpuasa start

Configuring Linux to be an SA and a DA
If DA (everyone registers their services with me). Typically 2 DAs per organization.
vi /etc/slpuasa.conf
net.slp.useScopes = DEFAULT

In order for your Linux box to be a SLPDA server it needs the slpd module.

On SLES 8 you must download and install the slpd deamon because it is not included in SLES 8 (slpd is native on SLES 9). I searched the web ( for "download slpd" and installed the OpenSLP 1.0.11 from an RPM

Once you have the /etc/slpuasa.conf file configured stop/start the service.
/etc/init.d/slpuasa stop
/etc/init.d/slpuasa start

After installing the slpd rpm

Linux commands
slpinfo -t
slptool --help

Hand the PC the SLPDA via DHCP or statically configure the Novell Client for the DA and reboot.

Start | run | cmd | slpinfo /a
Should look something like:
DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s) CNFG UP SLPV1 default



SLES 9 instructions:
Seems the slpd and the slpuasa have merged into one deamon called the slpd. In SLES 8 there were two modules for slp, slpuasa and slpd.
For SLES 9 do the following:
vi /etc/slp.conf

If SA only (SA registers with the DA all its services) simply unremark the
net.slp.DAAddresses = ipaddrOfYourDAs
/etc/init.d/slpd stop
/etc/init.d/slpd start

If DA (everyone registers their services with me). Typically 2 DAs per organization.
If a DA then configure the following:
vi /etc/slp.conf
net.slp.DAAddresses = ipaddrOfYourDA
net.slp.isDA = true

I'm not sure if it is like NetWare and will figure out it is the DA via the loopback or not. So put it self and the other DA. Have two Das for fault tolerance.

/etc/init.d/slpd stop
/etc/init.d/slpd start

Do same verification as the SLES 8

Linux SLP resources:


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