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Notes driver not connecting to Remote Loader

(Last modified: 17Nov2004)

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Nsure Identity Manager 2.01


Notes driver not connecting to Remote Loader

NotesPHC: NotesPublicationShim: Error opening ndsrep.nsf as CN=DirXML/O=NOVELL. ID = 4043. Message: Database open failed  


There are many different causes and fixes for this problem here are some things to check.


1.  Signing the database allows the Domino Server to access the file. This recommendation to sign the database has been included in the v2.1 documentation accessible on the web.


There are multiple ways to gain access to an option to sign a database. Here is one using the Domino Administrator tool:

1. Select the Files Tab. Adjust the "Show Me:" selector on the right if you want to see 'databases only', 'templates only', all files, etc.

2. Select the file you want to sign, and right click the mouse to get and action dialog box.

3. Select "Sign..." from the action dialog box.

4. From the Sign Database dialog, select "Active Server's ID"

5. Click OK to complete the action.


2.  If the Notes client was installed on the same machine as the Notes server.  The 'dsrepcfg.ntf file not found' error appears, when the NotesDriverShim has initialized its Notes Session based on the notes.ini of the installed Notes client (\Lotus\Notes\notes.ini) instead of the installed Domino Server (\Lotus\Domino\notes.ini).  When this happens, access to the dsrepcfg.ntf (or dsrepcfg.nsf) does not exist, became the notes.ini of the client is pointing to \Lotus\Notes\Data, and not \Lotus\Domino\Data (where the dsrepcfg.ntf is typically copied).  Another way to verify this would be to place dsrepcfg.ntf in the \Lotus\Notes\Data folder. 


Another form of verification is to analyze the Windows PATH environment variable.  When this problem is occurring, the \Lotus\Notes precedes \Lotus\Domino in the system PATH.  Placing \Lotus\Domino ahead of \Lotus\Notes in the system path could very well cause the Domino Server's notes.ini file to be found first, thus avoiding the 'dsrepcfg.ntf file not found' problem. However, this may also cause the Notes client to not work as expected.

3.  dsrepcfg.ntf needs to be accessible to the NotesDriverShim. 

On Windows, dsrepcfg.ntf needs to be copied to the c:\Lotus\Domino\Data folder.  On Linux and Solaris, the package install places it in the /usr/lib/dirxml/rules/notes folder and creates a symbolic link for it in the /local/notesdata folder. 


After installation, import the pre-configured driver, setting all appropriate parameters.

Start the driver shim.  The first time the driver runs, it will search for the Domino Server (specified in driver parameters at import time), and try to open dsrepcfg.nsf to update (write) the publisher parameters that ndsrep will read.  If dsrepcfg.nsf does not exist, then the NotesDriverShim will attempt to create dsrepcfg.nsf using the database template dsrepcfg.ntf that ships with the driver.  If dsrepcfg.ntf is not found, or this initial dsrepcfg.nsf creation process fails, then the driver's publisher channel shuts down.

If dsrepcfg.nsf is successfully created, and contains data specifying an appropriate update database file (usually named ndsrep.nsf), the ndsrep will load successfully with the following command:

load ndsrep <instance>

at the Domino Console, where <instance> represents the name of the driver.  A driver name (or unique instance name set-up for this driver) is required to load ndsrep at the server console.  It is recommended that the notes.ini file be updated to load ndsrep automatically, once the initial configuration and start-up has been validated.



After the initial startup has been successful, the NotesDriverShim and ndsrep can be launched in any order that in convenient for the particular configuration.


4.  The dsrepcfg.ntf file have a hard coded ACL rights in Notes system to the user "Notes Driver".  Use the Authentication ID to Notes call "cn=Notes Driver/o=(your system)".  Once the driver successfully startup ,generated the ndsrep.nsf then change it back to any user you want to use. The driver also assume you will be using the Notes Driver user.


5.  Is the Remote Loader set to autostart?  Try starting the Remote Loader before the Domino server.  


6.  Verify you have the proper name of the server specified in the parameters.  If you have the incorrect server dn specified you will receive the error.

7.  The Notes database is corrupt.  The installation of the Notes database did not complete as it should.  The system we are trying to synchronize with is not fully functional.  Rebuild the Notes system.



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