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Can I install Session Broker without a floppy drive?

(Last modified: 22Jun2005)

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iChain 2.3


Can I install Session Broker without a floppy drive?


An updated KEYINST.NLM will be available by ic23sp2ir1.exe (build 2.3.278) that will allow a Session Broker install by writing/reading the session.dat file from disk.

Using the new KEYINST.NLM:

1)  Starting with the Primary Session Broker server first, create a text file in sys:/etc/ called KEYINST.CFG on any server that will be participating in the Session Brokerage. (If this file does not exist, session broker will read from the floppy drive.)
2)  Add a single line with the path for your session.dat file in the KEYINST.CFG file.  Example:


3)  Re-boot the server so that they KEYINST.CFG file is initialized.
4)  On the server that will be the Primary Session Broker, initiate the "createsessionbrokerkey" command at the CLI.  The session.dat file will be created in the directory specified in step 2 during this step.

**** Get a copy of the session.dat file prior to the next step.  The session.dat file will be deleted for security reasons during the next step.  The session.dat file will need to be placed on each server participating in the Session Brokerage.

5)  Initiate "installsessionbrokerkey" at the CLI on all servers, including the Primary.
6)  On the primary and secondary Session Broker servers initiate the following SET command at the CLI:

set authentication sessionbrokerenable = yes

7)  Re-boot the primary session broker and let it come up.  Then re-boot all other servers participating in the session brokerage.


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