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Passwords are not migrated with a group set as search object

(Last modified: 09Jun2005)

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Novell Nsure Identity Manager

Nsure Identity Manager Fan out driver


Passwords are not migrated with a group set as search object

If a group is set as a search object passwords will not be migrated unless the password is changed after the user is added to the census


The following changes can be made to resolve this issue.
1) Open the driver overview in iManager. (The diagram with arrows showing data flow.)
2) On the lower (subscriber) channel, click the yellow arrow for "Command Transformation Policies."
3) Click Edit for the first policy, named "Password(Sub)-Transform Distribution Password."
4) Click Insert > "Import an XML file containing XML script"
5) Select "Append the rules from the imported policy" and select the XML file you have created (see instructions listed below). Click OK.
6) Use the arrow buttons to right to move the new "Retrieve password..." rule to the first position.
7) Click OK and restart the driver

Below is the xml information that you need to save in a file.  Use Notepad and when save the file in a text format but give it an XML extension

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <description>Retrieve password for user modify events</description>
                                <if-operation op="equal">modify</if-operation>
                                <if-class-name op="equal">User</if-class-name>
                        <do-add-dest-attr-value name="nspmDistributionPassword">
                                <arg-value type="string">
                                        <token-src-attr name="nspmDistributionPassword"/>



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