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Meaning of Value2 field in Nsure Audit Trustee Added event

(Last modified: 23Sep2005)

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Meaning of Value2 field in Audit Trustee Added event


Novell Nsure Audit

Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell NetWare 6.0


How do you know what the Value2 field represents when adding or removing NSS trustees to the file system?

What do the values in the Value2 field mean with regards to NSS trustee rights?


The numbers in the Value2 field identify what NSS trustee rights the user was given on the filesystem. 

The rights bits are set in the following order:
0 = R - Read (file reads are allowed)
1 = W - Write (file writes are allowed)
2 = Reserved
3 = C - Create (files can be created)
4 = E - Erase (files can be deleted)
5 = A - Access control (trustee rights can be assigned)
6 = F - File Scan (files can be viewed in a directory scan)
7 = M - Modify (files can be modified)
8 = S - Supervisor (all rights are granted)

If a trustee assignment of "RF" were set, Novell Audit (AUDITNW.NLM) would log "65" (a decimal value) in the Value2 field.  That number when converted from decimal to binary is "001000001".  This indicates that bits "0" and "6" are on, meaning "R" (bit 0) and "F" (bit 6) are assigned.  With an assignment of "RWCFM", Novell Audit logs "203".  Convert the value from decimal to binary is "011001011", thus indicating that bits 0 (R), 1 (W), 3 (C), 6 (F) and 7 (M) are on.

To easily convert the number, run a calculator that can convert numbers from decimal format to binary format.  Most operating systems have a calculator program that can be run in scientific mode.  Simply put in the value from the Value2 field into the calculator as a decimal value.  Then switch the calculator to binary.  The number will be converted from decimal to binary.


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