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How to move a Domain to Linux

(Last modified: 30May2006)

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How to move a Domain to Linux


Novell GroupWise

Novell NetWare

Microsoft Windows



  1. On the Linux server, become root in a terminal window.
  2. Mount the NetWare or Windows server where the domain is located as a Linux file system, using commands similar to the following examples:

    NetWare Server:
    mount -t ncpfs //NetWare_server_name /mountpoint_directory -o user=username  -o ipserver=server_IP_address -o server=server_hostname

    The NetWare_server_name should be specified as its full DNS name (for example, The username should be specified as a fully qualified name (for example, cn=admin.users.corporate).

    Windows Server:
    mount -t smbfs //Windows_server/sharename /mountpoint_directory -o username=username

  3. If you have not already done so, create a new directory for your GroupWise system into which the domain directory will be copied. For example:

    mkdir /gwsystem

    If you want to use an existing directory, make sure that it is empty.

  4. On the NetWare or Windows server, stop the MTA for the domain.
  5. If the domain has gateways, stop the gateways.
  6. Use DBCopy to copy the domain directory from the NetWare or Windows server to the new directory on the Linux server.

    ./dbcopy -M /domain directory /destination_directory

    DBCopy is typically used for backing up your GroupWise system, but when you use the -M switch to move a domain, it changes directory names to lowercase as required on Linux and copies the message queue directories as well as well as the GroupWise databases in the domain. For instructions on installing and running DBCopy, see "GroupWise Database Copy Utility" in "Databases" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide.

  7. In ConsoleOne on Windows, update the location information for the domain:
    1. Display the Identification property page of the Domain object.
    2. In the UNC Path field, change the path to the location on the Linux server where you moved the domain. For example:


      For a Linux server, ConsoleOne interprets the UNC path as a Linux path. Do not put a Linux path in the UNC Path field.

    3. Display the Identification property page of the MTA object for the domain.
    4. In the Platform field, make sure that Linux is selected.
    5. Display the Network Address property page of the MTA object for the domain.
    6. In the Network Address field, specify the IP address of the Linux server.
    7. Click OK to save the new directory and IP address information for the domain.
  8. If you are using the /work startup switch to place the MTA working directory (mslocal) outside the domain directory structure:
    1. Copy the mslocal directory to the Linux server so that no messages en route between users are lost.
    2. In the mslocal directory structure, rename files and directories that contain uppercase letters to all lowercase.
  9. Run the GroupWise Installation program to install the MTA for the new domain location, as described in Installing the GroupWise Agents on Linux.
  10. If the domain has gateways, follow the instructions in Handling Gateways before you proceed with Step 11.
  11. Start the Linux MTA using the --show startup switch, as described in Starting the Linux Agents with a User Interface.

  12. At the MTA agent console, check to see if all links between the new Linux MTA and other domains and post offices are open.

    If you have closed links, see "MTA Status Box Shows a Closed Location" in "Strategies for Agent Problems" in GroupWise 6.5 Troubleshooting 2: Solutions to Common Problems.

  13. If the domain has gateways, start each gateway.
  14. When the Linux MTA is running smoothly for the domain new location, delete the old domain directory structure (and if applicable, the mslocal directory structure) on the NetWare or Windows server.

Handling Gateways

If the domain that you moved to Linux has gateways associated with it, you must reselect each gateway directory in ConsoleOne:

  1. Browse to and select the Domain object for the domain you just moved to Linux.
  2. Right-click a Gateway object, then click Properties.
  3. Click GroupWise > Identification.
  4. In the Subdirectory field, reselect the gateway directory.

    If you do not have any gateway subdirectories to choose from, you have not successfully completed Step 7 in Moving a Domain to Linux.

  5. Click OK to save the gateway directory information.
  6. Repeat Step 2 through Step 5 for each gateway that belongs to the domain.
  7. Return to Step 11 to start the Linux MTA for the domain 


To move a Post Office see the following link:   :  Moving a Post Office to Linux

For a Helpful case converter see Cool Tip: Rename Files and Directories that contain Uppercase Letters to Lowercase


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