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Error: "line 334: ndsconfig: command not found" when adding eDirectory 8.8 instance with ndsmanage.

(Last modified: 22Dec2005)

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Error: "line 334: ndsconfig: command not found" when adding eDirectory 8.8 instance with ndsmanage.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

Novell eDirectory 8.8


ndsmange is run with the absolute path similar to the following and the session PATH variable is not set to the /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin directory:

When the ndsmanage script calls the ndsconfig command without a full path and the OS path is not referring to the correct directory the ndsconfig command is not found or run.


This can be resolved either by setting the session's path and exporting that path for all child processes or else by preceeding the ndsmanage script with nsdpath.  The latter example follows (presumes that ndspath is called from the eDirectory binary directory):
./ndspath ndsmanage


At the end of the initial eDirectory 8.8 installation the user is prompted to set the PATH statements appropriately for all eDirectory binaries.  If these are not set and exported properly then accessing the eDirectory binaries must be done via absolute path or by preceeding them all with the ndspath command which exports the eDirectory path for commands run as parameters of ndspath.


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