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NDS4NT- not a valid user object

(Last modified: 29May1998)

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New NDS users created either during the NDS for NT SAM Migration/Installation or from User Manager for Domains after migration has occurred will receive one of the following errors when attempting to login to NDS (not NT):

IntraNetWare Client for Windows NT 4.11a :
"IntraNetWare Security Message
! The username you entered is not a valid User object "

IntraNetWare Client for Windows 95 version 2.2:

"LOGIN-4.20.42-895: The user does not exist in the specified context."

NT migrated users that are associated with existing NDS users can login without error. So do new users created from with NetWare Administrator that are made a member of a Domain(s).

keywords: install, SAMSRV, SAMSRV.DLL, 4.11, 4.1, 4.x, integration object


When new NDS users are created due to a request from an NT domain, they are created will all fields and attributes filled in, with the exception of the password key pair attribute. The password field is created, but not it's attribute. This prevents NT users who have rights to create users within the NT Domain, but not within NDS from be able to circumvent NDS security by using the NT utilities to create NDS user objects.

It is anticipated that this design will have little operational impact, since NT users associated to NDS users during the SAM migration and users created with NetWare Administrator are not affected.


This is working as designed. The migrated/created NDS user object can be used to authenticate NT, 95 or WFW 3.11 domain user logins, but initially not for NDS user logins. Administrators must set/change the password for the NDS user before they will be able to successfully login to NDS.

The NDS password can be changed in the following ways:

1. NetWare Administrator (NT version only) for changing multiple users at a time (must have IWSAM.DLL snapin)
  a. Can highlight multiple users within a container that you want to change the password for using either Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click method.
  b. Click Object : Details on Multiple Users.
  c. Select the Domain Access tab (normally you see a Change Password option on the Password Restrictions tab, but not when you highlight multiple users).
  d. Click Set Passwords and then enter the new password.
This will change both the NDS (RSA encrypted) and NT (MD40 encrypted) password.

2. NetWare Administrator (95, NT, 3.x version) for changing a single user at a time
3. DOS SETPASS command
4. UIMPORT (will use a data file that lists every user you want to change and what their password should be)


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