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ACU Step By Step Process with NCIMAN.EXE

(Last modified: 07Sep1999)

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To install the new versions of the client on NT, 95, or 98 there is an option to do an Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU) so you do not have to go to each workstation physically and install the client. You can also set install options without user intervention. Here is a step by step process for setting up and running the ACU:

1. Download the latest client from into a directory

2. Extract the files by the running the downloaded executable.

3. Within the files that are extracted there is a program named NCIMAN.EXE in the ibm_enu\admin subdirectory. This is a GUI utility to setup all desired options for the client install and save them to a text file (usually unattend.txt). There is a different version of NCIMAN that ships with different versions of the client. You want to make sure that the NCIMAN you are using is the one that shipped with your client. You can use NCIMAN to create either a 95/98 or an NT unattend.txt from either platform. It assumes that you want to create an unattend.txt for the platform you are on. If you would like to create a 95/98 unattend.txt from an NT box, just choose File | New, then it will ask which platform, select the appropriate one. The dates for the NCIMAN are as follows:

04/10/98 W95 v2.5, NT v4.3
08/24/98 W95 v3.0, 3.01
09/04/98 NT v4.5
10/29/98 W95 v3.02
1/28/99 W95 v3.10, NT v4.6
6/15/99 Service pack 1 for 3.1 and 4.6 client

4. Run this program and set all desired options. Save this file by clicking on the File menu and choose Save. Save it as unattend.txt in the same directory where you will run setup.exe for 95/98 (which is in ibm_enu subdirectory) client or setupnw.exe for the NT client (which is in the i386 subdirectory).

5. Copy the .CAB files to the server in the same directory from which you will run the install for the corresponding OS version if 95/98.

6. Edit the Container login script for the users that you want to get the update and insert the following lines. (This may vary depending on what OS you have or if you have multiple OS's - This is for Multiple OS's)

         IF OS = "WINNT" THEN
                   <path>\i386\setupnw.exe /acu /u:unattend.txt
         IF OS = "WIN95" THEN
                    <path>\ibm_enu\setup.exe /acu /u:unattend.txt

Note: See TID 2930191 for more information if you are installing it to OSR1 and OSR2 mixed environment.

7. When the user logs in it will check the registry for the major and minor version of the client. If the workstation is at the most current client version, the install will not run. Therefore, these lines can be left in the login script for when you do another upgrade and all that needs to be done is update the client install files on the server.


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