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ZENworks Configuration Management 10.3.2 - update information and list of fixes

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Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 3 - 10.3


If you update to 10.3.2 you will not be able to update directly to ZENworks 11.0. You are able to update to ZENworks 11.1.
Because of the limitation shown above, it is important to consider which is the correct upgrade path. Consider the list of fixes in this document, and compare with the list in TID 7006995 - ZENworks 11 - information and updates to decide if a required fix is in ZCM 10.3.2, ZCM 11, or both.
Information regarding the prerequisites for upgrading to this version, and details regarding new platform support is contained in the readme for ZCM 10.3.2 at
  • The preferred method to obtain this update is to use online System Updates: see section III in the online document "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Reference", entitled "ZENworks System Updates".
  • If online System Updates cannot be used, and there is a need to import the update manually, a zip file containing the update can be downloaded. See "ZCM 10.3.2 upgrade manual import file" at
  • Note that once the import of ZCM 10.3.2 has begun, the update for 10.3.1 will no longer be visible in the list of System Updates, since it is superseded by 10.3.2

Version Information:
Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

GUID for this update: 50100302003615c3710276ae7c95cb11

To verify that a device has been updated to 10.3.2, check the following versions and/or msi/rpm on the managed devices:
7007852 - zman backup of ZRS reports fails with "Error: 11"
TID 7006732 - ZCM 10.3 Errors in ZCC.LOG when creating Bundles or Policies in ZCC
TID 7007478 - ZRS missing elements for some zdevice attributes
TID 7007570 - Unable to display the list of bundle assignments
TID 7007590 - ZCM System Update Agent Deployment generating java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
TID 7007595 - TFTP replication fails with inventory only agent on Linux Primary Server
TID 7007623 - DLU not working on Citrix Xenapp 4.5
TID 7007637 - The role you specified (Collection) is not a valid satellite server role.
TID 7007655 - Unable to create multiple remote proxies serving identical address ranges
TID 7007657 - Syntax error when viewing inventoried properties of network card
TID 7007659 - Fields in the "run script" quick task are greyed out when using Internet Explorer
TID 7007660 - License allocation report data is incorrect
TID 7007666 - Slow ZCC, high db activity for Oracle ZCM setup
TID 7007667 - ZAA scan causes NetWare server to abend
TID 7007668 - Migrated applications with custom links fail to maintain custom shortcut links with quotes
TID 7007691 - WinPE imaging does not use the remaining partition space
TID 7007692 - CDF does not show previously entered data
TID 7007713 - File date system requirement on Finnish XP workstations report incorrectly
TID 7007722 - ZCM Handler AppModule exception during General Refresh
TID 7007823 - Devices are not showing up in Dynamic Groups when they Change IP address
TID 7008074 - The ZAM entitlement order is not processing the most restrictive entitlement first
TID 7008112 - Unable to update agents from 10.2 to 10.3
TID 7008113 - ZCM Bundles not showing on on Citrix servers
TID 7008161 - Unable to create image of dell latitude e6510
TID 7008173 - Errors in registration Module on refresh with L4 switch
TID 7008275 - error: -2147220421 The task reported failure on execution
TID 7008282 - BIOS upgrades on laptops breaking NIC drivers in imaging
TID 7008331 - Mandatory Baselines Summary report is not accurate
TID 7008335 - Passive authentication fails if a bad password is entered on first login
TID 7008385 - ZAM Purchase Record Import is not cleaning up the data correctly
TID 7008397 - Dynamic Group Filters CIDR use doesn't work
TID 7008399 - L4 switch creation removes servers from closest server rules list
TID 7008400 - Device members of a dynamic group policy are not alphabetized in ZCC
TID 7008432 - NMAP discovery on Windows ZCM Servers finds non-existent devices
TID 7008439 - ZCM 10.3 satellite removal uninstalls mono and breaks zlm agent

Fixes (TID Pending):
Bug 513106 adding a Satellite server to and add-on image will create a new the add-on image
Bug 573837 NullPointerException when importing unpackaged content
Bug 604838 License Consumption Counts are wrong as viewed in ZCC configuration page
Bug 607318 HKEY_Users "does not exist" error while evaluating system requirements.
Bug 608277 making sure that indexes after an update match that of a clean install for all database platforms
Bug 613282 Inventory Report does not display Total memory
Bug 614319 IP address is not updated in the DB, no remote control possible
Bug 615375 Dynamic Workstation Group filter settings not saved for 'Virtual Machine Type' and 'Asset Type'
Bug 617094 Module Loader throws an exception when loading the SystemUpdate.dll
Bug 619092 browsing in zcc to an image on satellite server shows no images
Bug 623574 Cannot initiate remote control from SLED 11 workstation
Bug 626148 Unable to communciate with Primary after SLES 10 Satellite server upgrade to 10.3
Bug 631724 migraiton utility it's not creating the .ZIP file for policy migration and it says that it does.
Bug 636388 does not fix ownership on files redirected with symbolic links
Bug 636544 IBM Thinkpad devices not reported correctly in ZAM inventory
Bug 637441 Update from 10.3 to 10.3.1, zenlgnr.dll language files are not updated
Bug 640856 Specified Primary User Not Migrated - Need Method to mass enable "Automatic Calculation"
Bug 641975 Dynamic Group Populates on the Inventory Collected IP address
Bug 641999 Installation of the ZCM agent should set the setting “EnableBatchRefresh� by default on a Terminal Server
Bug 642656 Reports do not set date correctly when on Australian time
Bug 644808 bundle display name limitation on rename
Bug 645611 ZEN Agent is hanging on terminal server (DLU with volatile users)
Bug 648672 ZEN7 to ZCM 10.3.0 app migrations fail


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  • Document ID:7007237
  • Creation Date:22-NOV-10
  • Modified Date:14-MAY-13
    • NovellZENworks Configuration Management

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