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Micro Focus Service Desk v7.x Cookbook

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Service Desk 7 Upgrade


Upgrading or Migrating to the latest version of Service Desk v7.

This document is assembled, focused to assist in navigating to the latest version of Service Desk v7.
Includes common upgrade/update best practices with html links, documents and videos.

Note: Be sure to reference the documentation for your specific environment - see documentation links at bottom of page.


Multi Tab Browsing is not supported in v7.x.
MFSD v7.5 supports Appliance model only, migrations from standalone to Appliance is listed in documentation below.
MFSD v7.5 Appliance requires an added volume
(hard disk) with minimum size of 15 GB for the Service Desk data before you power on the Virtual Machine.
MFSD v7.5 has HTTPS enabled by default.

Locate downloads through the Micro Focus download site or patches through Patch Finder
Perform MD5 checksum on all downloaded files for data integrity.

MFSD v7.5 Platform Support Matrix Guide

Upgrading/Migrating Sequence
Upgrading can only be performed on past two released sub-versions  (n-2)
Example 1:
Running version v7.3, current version available v7.5
Upgrade/Migrate directly to v7.5
  • Migration can be done from v7.3 and v7.4 directly to v7.5
Example 2: Running version v7.1, current version available v7.5
Migrate in multiple steps, first to v7.3 then to v7.5.
  • System is on v7.1
  • Migration cannot be done from v7.1 directly to v7.5
  • If you are more than two sub-versions behind, upgrade in multiple steps
Preparing to Upgrade/Migrate to Service Desk v7.5 (Standalone)
Preparing to Upgrade/Migrate to Service Desk v7.5 Appliance
  • Backup the Server
  • Backup the Database
    (If using VM snapshots as backups, they are best to take if server and database is powered down)
If the following have been modified make note because they are overwritten when device is upgraded;
  • Customized Banners
  • Customized CSS Files
  • Tomcat server (web.xml, server.xml)
  • Java (
  • External SSL Certificates and keys
Conditional: Appliance (these will not be migrated)
  • Network settings or DNS configuration
  • /LiveTime Folder
Installing Micro Focus Service Desk v7.5 Appliance
Upgrading to Micro Focus Service Desk v7.4 (Standalone) to Service Desk Appliance v7.5
Upgrading to Micro Focus Service Desk v7.5 Appliance

Post Upgrade/Migration Tasks
Post v7.5 Upgrade Tasks for Appliance
  • Restore files listed above (if needed)
Conditional - Appliance:
  • Configure Network or DNS settings
  • Enable Firewall
MFSD v7.5 Digital Certificates
Migrating to MFSD v7.3 or above with SSL enabled Needs to use the same certificate files and key pair on the new appliance as on the old one
NOTE: These steps should be done after completing the usual appliance upgrade/migration process.

Micro Focus Service Desk v7.0x and below
Micro Focus Service Desk v7.1
Micro Focus Service Desk v7.2
Micro Focus Service Desk v7.3
Micro Focus Service Desk v7.4
Micro Focus Service Desk v7.5
Micro Focus Service Desk Technical Information Documentation
Micro Focus Service Desk Troubleshooting and debugging - TID 7017045
Micro Focus Service Desk Downloads
Micro Focus Service Desk Patches
Micro Focus Service Desk Public Forums
Micro Focus Service Desk Youtube Channel
Micro Focus Ideas Portal - Service Desk
Micro Focus Technical Support to submit an SR

Micro Focus You Tube Channel
Upgrade/Migrate Micro Focus Service Desk Appliance from v7.1 to v7.2 (video demonstration)
Upgrade/Migrate Micro Focus Service Desk from v7.3 to v7.4 (video demonstration)
Upgrade/Migrate Micro Focus Service Desk v7.4 to the v7.5 Appliance Model (video demonstration)

Additional Information

Both IBM Java and Oracle Java were installed on the customer's server.
The JRE_HOME environment variable was pointing to the IBM jre.
Fixed by adding the following in /etc/environment:


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