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Error after running any of PSQL upgrade scripts for GMS.

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You prepare your GMS server to be upgraded from SLES11 to SLES12 or you want to patch SLES12 server with SP3.
We have introduced two new scripts, or which you run. In the terminal you will see error like example:

lc_collate cluster values do not match: old "en_GB.UTF-8", new "en_US.UTF-8"
Failure, exiting.

Your GMS services do not start all. Other example of lc_collate can be "de_DE.UTF-8".


You will need to edit the update database script you used. Search for the "collate" string and in that line you will see "en_US.UTF-8" value which you will need to rewrite with your "old" value you saw in the terminal before.
Save the changes and re-run the script again. That shall finish now without complains and GMS services shall be started.
Please note, that your SLES server must be registered with the NCC so you get newer repositories. Alike our online documentation says here.

Both scripts do download newer RPMs from them. If you do not have them available, then the upgrade will fail probably, too.


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  • Document ID:7022566
  • Creation Date:18-JAN-18
  • Modified Date:18-JAN-18
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