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How to identify a Compound session document in Reflection or InfoConnect Desktop

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Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.0 or higher
InfoConnect Desktop for Unisys 16.0 or higher


Session documents in Reflection Desktop or InfoConnect Desktop are stored in OPC (Open Packaging Conventions) format, and this article describes methods for determining if the document is a Compound or Regular session file.


Method #1:
1. Open the Host session file (*.RD3X, *.RD5X, *.RDOX, etc.) with the WinZip or 7-Zip application.

2. Find the settings.xml file in the documents\settings folder.

3. Open this file in Internet Explorer.

4. Search for the following lines:
        <Item name="CompoundSession" type="System.Boolean">

Method #2:
1. Save a copy of the Host session file (*.RD3X, *.RD5X, *.RDOX, etc.) with a *.ZIP extension.

2. From Windows Explorer, double click on the file to open in the Windows compressed file viewer.

3. Navigate to the documents\settings folder inside the file.

4. Double click on the settings.xml file to open it in the Windows XML viewer (Internet Explorer).

5. Search for the following lines:
        <Item name="CompoundSession" type="System.Boolean">

Possible Values:
        true = Compound Session Document
        false = Regular Session Document

Additional Information

Viewing the contents of a Reflection or InfoConnect Desktop Host session file can only be done if the file is not encrypted.


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