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258 users, one wont auth with any phone? Forums
18 Nov 2015 ...258 users, one wont auth with any phone?. SLES 11 SP3, GMS 2.1.0 build 230 user ID, groupwise ID, and Unique ID all identical using LDAP auth and provisioning. 258 users, all but one currently working OK. Her iPhone says "cant validate server

A bit confused. GMS does not accept login Forums
16 Nov 2015 ...that when you renew certificates for a Linux server running eDirectory using iManager, not all the certificates stored in the file system of the actual server are updated. Here's a script which will make all the necessary changes on your eDir server:

iPhone spewing marketing email via GMS! Forums
16 Nov 2015 ...iPhone spewing marketing email via GMS!. So I get this urgent work order this morning. Users mail box getting thousands of bounces. Oh no, I think, and get into his account, change the GroupWise password. (GMS is using NDS passwords for auth). It appeared

GMS 2.1 contact sync trouble with Iphone 6 (iOS9) Forums
26 Oct 2015 ...299) without any problems, but some time ago we installed a new server with Groupwise Mobility Services Version: 2.1.0 (Build: 230). We are running Groupwise Server 2012 SP3 HP1. When going in testing mode, everything looked ok and all devices (Android,

Replace commercial certificate on GMS 2.1.0 Forums
20 Oct 2015 ...Joeri, This might be of some assistance, but in my steps I'm referring to the default certificate directories: Updating The Device Connection Certificate Change to /var/lib/datasync/device on your Mobility Server Backup the existing mobility.pem

iOS 9 and recurring appointments Forums
15 Oct 2015 on iOS 9.0.2 and heard that is was doing it with iOS 8), the iOS native calendar shows all the occurrences separately. If the appointment is accepted (all instances) in GroupWise, only the first occurrence is removed from the calendar "inbox"

Intruder lockout issues - GMS2.1 Forums
17 Sep 2015 ...wrote on 09/17/2015 07:16 PM: > If we see the lockout screen the address is : 12#00000 > or > Our loadbalanced ldap address. Without the actual IP of the server sending the wrong password, no. You'd need to have your apps using LDAP point

Intruder lockout issues Forums
17 Sep 2015 ...already see client IPs (like your load balancer) you probably will not get much more. The problem is likely what you have guessed, saved passwords on devices somewhere. Whether those devices access web application, e-mail, or the OES servers directly,

How to find out to whom belongs attachment file from GMS file system. (7016727)
11 Aug 2015 ...file system. This document (7016727) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment GroupWise Mobility Service 2.x Situation You find out some bigger files in attachment area or any Antivirus software detects a virus on

GMS, Multiple POAs and TCP Resets Forums
21 Jul 2015 ...GMS, Multiple POAs and TCP Resets. We are running a single server with GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1, and have a GW 2012 sp2 system with Domains and Post Offices spread over a Wan. I have been able to add users located on the Post Office specified in

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