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How to be notified about new Micro Focus/Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
29 Nov 2017 ...Based Provisioning Module Novell Product: iManager Novell Product: iPrint Novell Product: NetWare Novell Product: NFS Protocol Novell Product: Novell iFolder Novell Product: Novell Messenger Novell Product: Open Enterprise Server Novell Product: Open Workgroup

How to use Wireshark to capture a packet trace (3892415)
16 Feb 2017 running. Automatic scrolling in live capture: Wireshark will scroll the window so that the most current packet is displayed. Hide capture info dialog: Disable this option so that you can view the count of packets being captured for each protocol. Enable

SUSE Doc: Technical Guides - Using the NFS Service - April 01 2013
1 Apr 2016 mount the NFS export with NFSv3 looks like this: mount -t nfs /home/devel For selecting a specific transport protocol ( proto ) and maximum read and write request sizes ( rsize and wsize ), use: mount -t nfs -o proto=udp,rsize

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