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Transfer Failed when looking at the properties of a send item (7014930) TID
18 Apr 2014 ...Novell GroupWise 2012 Novell GroupWise 8 Advanced properties of the email sent to Internet shows 'Transfer Failed' Verify the correct default GWIA is being used 1) Launch

Heartbleed openssl vulnerability and SSPR (7014929) TID
18 Apr 2014 ...Self Service Password Reset SSPR 2.xSSPR 3.x Could SSPR be affected by the heartbleed bug? Is SSPR susceptible to the openssl heartbleed vulnerability reported in CVE-2014-0160? SSPR does not

Error after Reporting module Patch D (7014928) TID
18 Apr 2014 ...NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2 Patch D "org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exporing '.' is invalid" is seen in server.log on startup. 2014-04-17 14:23:43,173 INFO  [STDOUT]

ZENworks Subscribe and Share Subscription fails indicating Internal IP of the Sharing Server (7014927) TID
17 Apr 2014 ...Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Subscribe and Share Adding a ZENworks subscription to subscribe to another ZENworks zone The sharing

System Variables in Registry Bundle are incorrectly expanded to their values (7014926) TID
17 Apr 2014 ...Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Bundles If a system variable such as %SystemRoot% is imported in to a Registry Bundle it will be expanded to

PXE Booting fails on the ZENworks Appliance (7014925) TID
16 Apr 2014 ...Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Appliance Imaging Deployed the ZENworks 11.3 virtual appliance The novell-proxydhcp service is started PXE booting fails with one of the following

Start GroupWise agent consoles on start-up running SLES (7014924) TID
18 Apr 2014 ...Novell GroupWise Start GroupWise agent consoles on start-up running Linux Start GroupWise agents in show mode on start-up The solution below will make it so the agents do not start up

Dashboard is not showing any information (7014923) TID
16 Apr 2014 ...Novell GroupWise Mobility Service Novell Data Synchronizer Dashboard is blank Dashboard won't update The solution below will remove the database for the dsmonitor.  The dsmonitor is how the dashboard

Novell Service Desk 7.0.3 UI displays garbage characters (7014922) TID
16 Apr 2014 ...Novell Service Desk 7.0.3 *Symptoms:* Novell Service Desk 7.0.3 UI displaying garbage characters for the following locales · Italian · Swedish · Swedish (Sweden) *Changes:* Files were

Error when performing a "spacewalk-service status" or "rcjabberd status" (7014921) TID
15 Apr 2014 ...SUSE Manager 1.7 When running a 'spacewalk-service status' or a 'rcjabberd status' the following error is being displayed: Checking for service router rc_status:

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