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Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx) - ZENworks 11 SP4 Preboot Services and Imaging Reference
16 Dec 2015 ...Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx) - ZENworks 11 SP4 Preboot Services and Imaging Reference. D.4 Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx) The Novell ZENworks Linux Management client (which includes novell-zislnx)

Help us improve ZENworks Reporting! Articles/Tips
19 Nov 2015 cater to all asset management reports. Thus in ZENworks 2016, we would ship multiple domains (including the current ZENworks domain). This would ensure that your current reports continue to work just fine. For any new reports, you can then choose to

Resetting your ZEN Updater and Novell Customer Center key registration (3303599)
7 Oct 2015 ...Enterprise Server 10 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Novell ZENworks Linux Management Linux Management 7 - ZLM7 Situation

Novell Doc: ZENworks 11 Server Installation Guide - ZENworks Linux Management - November 25 2014
29 Sep 2015 ...Linux Management Server installed, you must manually uninstall the ZENworks Linux Management Server before installing the ZENworks Configuration Management Server. However, if your device has the ZENworks Linux Management Agent installed, you need not

Introducing ZENworks 2016 Preview Program Articles/Tips
18 Sep 2015 ...the build for production and release ZENworks 2016 for everybody. The first preview build for ZENworks 2016 is now available for download. This preview introduces mobile device management capabilities using the same ZENworks infrastructure and console

Introducing the Novell Ideas Portal! Articles/Tips
16 Jun 2015 yours. If you find an enhancement, you can comment and vote on it. This is awesome for both you and me because it means over time the most important enhancements will automatically rise to the top. These are the items that the Product Management team

Participating in an Industry Focused Peer Community Articles/Tips
1 Jun 2015 ...Participating in an Industry Focused Peer Community. Would you like to participate in a community of other Micro Focus (Novell/SUSE/NetIQ/Micro Focus/Borland) customers in your same industry?   Are you in Healthcare?  Federal or Local Government?  Small

How to be notified about new Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
7 May 2015 ...Asset Management ZENworks Configuration Management ZENworks Desktop Management ZENworks Endpoint Security Management ZENworks Full Disk Encryption ZENworks Handheld Management ZENworks Linux Management ZENworks Patch Management ZENworks Personality Migration

Agile @ Novell Articles/Tips
31 Mar 2015 ...they have an upgrade process that facilitates this model -- if not, you’re likely to see updates to those products in this area. A good example of this is the new ZENworks Update Service (ZeUS) which will be introduced in ZENworks 11SP4 in an effort

zac commands fail after installing ZENworks Linux Management agent (7003534)
5 Jan 2015 ...zac commands fail after installing ZENworks Linux Management agent. zac commands fail after installing ZENworks Linux Management agent This document (7003534) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment Novell ZENworks

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