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Mobile Management Zone Registration
11 May 2015 ...Center account and a ZENworks Mobile Management account. The two accounts do not need to have the same username and password. Register ZENworks Mobile Management Server Select this option to enable registration of a ZENworks Mobile Management server. Mobile

Study Shows Mobile App Usage On The Rise Among Enterprises Articles/Tips
22 Apr 2015 ...ZENworks Mobile Management , your team can easily address performance issues for all of its central applications, thus ensuring they are secure and stable at all times. Learn more about ZENworks Mobile Management . Thanks for reading!

Problem with pushing an app. Forums
14 Apr 2015 ...Problem with pushing an app.. We are trying to push the app talkrocket go. I see the app listed under Managed apps for the device. Status says "Not installed via MDM". I have selected "Install App" I have triggered an APN. I see the

ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 Select a Topic
3 Apr 2015 ...documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8

ZMM Enrollment fails, invalid credentials supplied Forums
1 Apr 2015 ...ZMM Enrollment fails, invalid credentials supplied. Trying to test a setup with version 3.0.1 enrollment of the first device som time ago was successfull (some time ago). Subsequent enrollment of same type of device (Samsung Galaxy Tab) fails with error

Product Description Key Features File Description System Requirements Downloading and Installing
31 Mar 2015 ...about new features in ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1, see Introducing ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 . File Description Filename Usage ZENworks Mobile Management server and administration software. Use this software to install

Product Description File Description Toolkit Download Using the Toolkit
31 Mar 2015 a directory on your computer. Using the Toolkit Complete instructions for using the toolkit are included in the Distributing ZENworks Mobile Management for iOS as an Enterprise App guide on the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 doc site . Legal Notice

Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents
31 Mar 2015 ...Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents.

Agile @ Novell Articles/Tips
31 Mar 2015 ...they have an upgrade process that facilitates this model -- if not, you’re likely to see updates to those products in this area. A good example of this is the new ZENworks Update Service (ZeUS) which will be introduced in ZENworks 11SP4 in an effort

Tutorial: ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 and Certificate Management Articles/Tips
27 Mar 2015 ...Tutorial: ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 and Certificate Management. ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 is due to be released shortly. There are several key new features that I will be discussing shortly, but one of the most interesting capabilities is the

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