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Help us improve ZENworks Reporting! Articles/Tips
19 Nov 2015 cater to all asset management reports. Thus in ZENworks 2016, we would ship multiple domains (including the current ZENworks domain). This would ensure that your current reports continue to work just fine. For any new reports, you can then choose to

ZMM Email Setup Forums
19 Nov 2015 that I cannot get email to automatically set up. The device receives the validation email but keeps displaying the message "Unable to connect to server." ZMM is configured with my GroupWise Mobility Server (v2.1.0 build 230) as the ActiveSync

DEP & Managed App Issue Forums
19 Nov 2015 ...DEP & Managed App Issue. I am having mixed results with my ZMM deployment. I can get some of my iPads to finish a DEP deployment and start installing the set apps assigned to the group. Yet some of the other identical iPads will stall on eith the Configuration

Managed Apps Persmission - gone Forums
17 Nov 2015 ...Managed Apps Persmission - gone. We have upgraded to the latest version of ZMM, 3.2.1. We no longer find Managed apps permissions in the policies. How do we assign apps to a specific policy?

ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2 Select a Topic
4 Nov 2015 ...ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2 Select a Topic. ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2 33 MB      ZENworks Mobile Management provides advanced device control and policy management for iOS, Android, and other ActiveSync-enabled devices from a single administrative

Feedback on ZENworks 2016 Preview! Articles/Tips
2 Nov 2015 ...we are currently building. We then plan to take this feedback and as appropriate, incorporate it in upcoming previews of ZENworks 2016. If you have evaluated ZENworks 2016 Preview and are interested in participating in these focus group sessions, I invite

ZENworks in the Cloud focus groups Articles/Tips
27 Oct 2015 ...ZENworks in the Cloud focus groups. As we look at the future of ZENworks one of the trends we see strongly is the emergence of cloud based solutions for device management. At present these are pre-dominately Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like

ZENworks Mobile Management now manages Windows Phone! Articles/Tips
23 Oct 2015 ...ZENworks Mobile Management now manages Windows Phone!. Last month we released the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2 release and yesterday we followed that up with the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2.1 update. Unfortunately, I've been quite busy and haven't

What is Unified Endpoint Management? Articles/Tips
7 Oct 2015 Micro Focus. You can start to see the direction we are going by looking at the mobile management capabilities in our very early Preview release of ZENworks 2016, available now. I invite you to take a look at what we are doing and provide feedback to

ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 Select a Topic
22 Sep 2015 ...for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.6 Links

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