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ZENworks Patch Management Support for Windows 10 Updates Articles/Tips
21 Jul 2016 ...ZENworks Patch Management Support for Windows 10 Updates. Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft changed their business model for operating system delivery and support. Over the last several months, I’ve received lots of questions about how ZENworks

Help us improve ZENworks Inventory & Asset Management Reporting Articles/Tips
20 Jul 2016 ...out with ZENworks 2017. Beyond ZENworks 2017, we want to improve upon one of the most used areas within reporting - namely Inventory & Asset Management Reporting. While we are working to get ZENworks 2017 out of the door, in parallel we have already

License Behavior of ZPM - ZENworks 11 SP4 Update 2 Patch Management Reference
6 Jul 2016 ...License Behavior of ZPM - ZENworks 11 SP4 Update 2 Patch Management Reference. docmain.css" /> 10.0 License Behavior of ZPM This chapter describes the various ZPM license states and the functions available in the various states. The following sections

Support Files for Migrating a ZENworks 11 SP3 Primary Server from Linux to ZENworks 11 SP4 Appliance Patches/Security
29 Jun 2016 ...files necessary to migrate ZENworks from standalone Linux to the ZENworks appliance. For details, please refer to Migrating a ZENworks 11 SP3 Primary Server from Linux to ZENworks 11 SP4 Appliance . System Requirements : A ZENworks 11.3.x Primary Server

Fix for Appliance Online Update NCC registration fails with Status Code : 500 due to RPC Communication Error and Installed patches not listed - See TID 7017743 Patches/Security
22 Jun 2016 ...with the README.txt file. 1. Login to the ZENworks Appliance console as "root" user.    2. Select "Field Patch" under "Appliance Configuration".   3. In the "Install a Downloaded Patch" snapshot, click Browse and select the

What’s New in ZENworks 11.4.2 Patch Management Articles/Tips
1 Jun 2016 ...What’s New in ZENworks 11.4.2 Patch Management. We just released ZENworks 11 SP 4 System Update 2 (11.4.2) so I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about the great enhancements we’ve made in Patch Management. As always, we fixed a number of defects

Update for ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.2) - see TID 7017469 Patches/Security
31 May 2016 System Update (11.4. 2 ) for ZENworks 11 SP4 Readme. System Requirements : ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4.0 Post 11 SP4 Update Prereq OR ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4.1 After downloading the zip file, it is strongly recommended that

ZCM Agent Cleanup Utility 11.4.2 Patches/Security
31 May 2016 ...This utility is specifically designed to clean up ZENworks Configuration Management Agents from 11.x to 11.4.2 and is not intented for earlier releases of ZCM. Overview There are occasions when a ZCM Agent installation fails on a managed device, and cannot

ZCM 11.4.2 ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file Patches/Security
31 May 2016 ZENworks Configuration Management. ZENworks Audit Database Schema Verifier (auditdatabase): This verifier validates the correctness of the schema (tables, indexes, database procedures, etc) of the audit database used by ZENworks Configuration Management.

Cached patch is not removed from content system after disabling the patch (7017308)
31 May 2016 ...05-31-2016 Novell Product: ZENworks Configuration Management Novell Product: ZENworks Patch Management Disclaimer This Support Knowledgebase provides a valuable tool for NetIQ/Novell/SUSE customers and parties interested in our products and solutions to

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