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User Info Pictures in user application. Forums
28 Aug 2014 ...version is 402 patch D. The organizational chart view has a search function and a manager and subordinate feature like eguide. You can even give it the eguide look and feel. I'm not saying that it should replace eguide but if you're in the user app, why

How to be notified about new Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
26 Jun 2014 ...Product: ConsoleOne Novell Product: Data Synchronizer Novell Product: Dynamic File Services Novell Product: eDirectory Novell Product: eGuide Novell Product: Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM) Novell Product: File Reporter Novell Product: Forum Novell

End of support and other life cycle dates (7003600)
10 Dec 2013 ...Novell Product: Business Continuity Clustering Novell Product: Cluster Services Novell Product: ConsoleOne Novell Product: eDirectory Novell Product: eGuide Novell Product: GroupWise Novell Product: iChain Novell Product: Identity Manager Novell Product:

Script to Create userPrincipalName for DSfW Domain Users (7009832)
4 Oct 2013 ...characters can not login to DSfW domain TID 7004290 VMWare View Composer Server can not authenticate to DSfW Document Document ID: 7009832 Creation Date: 12-01-2011 Modified Date: 10-04-2013 Novell Product: eGuide Novell Product: Open Enterprise Server

Corporate Directory/directory in Vibe Forums
3 Oct 2013 ...need here. Many customers want's to see this functionality out-of-the-box in vibe. Maybe it could be like good old "Novell eGuide" - just embedded Vibe? But for that a prequisit would be the bidirectional ldap sync, which is not implementet

Moved to OES11 server Forums
16 Jan 2013; linux-oesadmin ( Think I need this one ) > OESCommonProxy_linuxoes ( Think I need this one too) > NFAUUser > novlxregd > novlxsrvd > wwwrun Well OES (Linux) doesn't have eGuide so the eGuide-related usernames are candidates

eDirectory User Object info and GW2012? Forums
23 Aug 2012 so that the end users ends up getting that information? Is there any way to allow the end user to edit that information themselves to make the data entry easier on me? It use to be easy with eGuide but I noticed that eGuide is no longer an option

Re: Could someone walk me through installing eGuide on OES2? Forums
2 Jul 2012 ...folder. In my case this file is as follows: > > Alias /eGuide "/var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/eGuide" > ProxyPass /eGuide ajp://localhost:9009/eGuide > > # In general, allow access. > <Directory "/var/opt/novell/

Re: Could someone walk me through installing eGuide on OES2? Forums
2 Jul 2012 ...Re: Could someone walk me through installing eGuide on OES2?. Just a quick addition I see an error in the eGuide log saying SEARCHTHREAD, Error, -, java.lang.NullPointerException Java issues with the search?? Thanks -- dwiseman2

Re: New Install getting HTTP Status 500 Forums
1 May 2012 ...Index of /apache//xml/xalan-j' ( ) Just download the newest one (i used "xalan-j_2_7_1-bin-2jars.tar.gz") and put all of the jars in your /eGuide/WEB-INF/lib/ directory. -- devklein

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