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GroupWise Competitor Comparison

See how Novell GroupWise 2012 stacks up against Google Mail (Gmail).

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Funktion GroupWise 2012 Google Gmail
Installation och driftsättning Best of class. Requires use of templates or custom scripts to port over user names and sync passwords; no servers needed.
Customization Robust set of Web Services APIs; Novell Data Synchronizer tools. Some, but requires Google Apps.
Säkerhet Recognized as one of the most secure Email and Collaboration platforms. Several vulnerabilities already exposed; will become a bigger target.
Globala signaturer Ja No; requires Google Apps for Business API and/or Postini API.
Email Retraction Ja Nej
Möjlighet att vidarebefordra infogat, som bilaga och direkt, och delegera objekt Ja Ja
Instant Messaging Included Ja Ja
Uppgiftshantering Ja Very basic functionality.
Kontakthantering Ja Ja
Delade adressböcker Ja Ja
LDAP-serverautentisering Ja Using Google APIs
Routinginformation (arbetsflödeshantering) Ja Nej
Rich Editing Capabilities When Composing Email Yes, full support for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice word processing capabilities. Nej
Message Preview Yes, with support for over 600 file types. Nej
Snabbvisning av historik per kontakt Ja Nej
Hierarkisk vy för alla meddelanden Ja Ja
Inbyggd RSS-läsare Ja Nej
Extern sökning av ledig/upptagen Ja Nej
Ta emot prenumerationer på RSS-flöden för uppdateringar av filer/mappar/sidor Ja Nej
Funktioner för mobila enheter Ja Yes, but at additional cost.
Licensiering Per-mailbox license covers both client and WebAccess, free SUSE Linux entitlement for the servers, Novell Messenger (IM) and Novell Data Synchronizer (mobile device support) included. Per-user, but note that benefits like additional mailbox space, mobile support, and a full client experience come at additional cost.
User Experience / Desktop Client Client supported across multiple platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac). Only with desktop client at additional cost.
Prestanda Best of class. Dependent on your bandwidth and speed.
Hierarchical and/or Nested Folders Ja Nej
Regler Ja Nej
Flera kalendrar Ja Nej
Delade mappar Ja Nej
Offline Mode Ja Only with Chrome (and doesn't include calendar).
Cachning Ja Nej
POP/IMAP/NNTP Support Ja Only with desktop client at additional cost.
Native Personal Backup/Archiving Ja Nej. Service available for an additional cost, but all archives are kept on Google servers.
Proxy (Delegation) Ja No proxy support comparable to GroupWise. Delegation is supported, but only for a maximum of 10 users.
Auto-cleanup Ja Gmail auto-deletes Trash and Spam folders after 30 days, but does no other clean-up.
Integrations with Other Desktop Apps Ja No, only Google Apps.
Statusspårning Ja Nej
Change Item Type ("Change to") Ja Nej
Digital Signatures/Encryption Ja Not natively.
Size Limits and Other Administrator Controls Ja No real administrator-controlled options for file size, cleanup, or archive locations.
Auto-save Ja Yes (as draft)
Export/Import AB, Email Ja Ja
Dual Time Zones Ja Nej
Kalender för flera användare Ja Yes, but requires some planning to determine whether to use Google Calendar, Google Groups, or grant others administrator rights. No tracking of changes is available.
Modify Appointment Ja Ja
Work Day Settings Ja Nej
Time Zone Settings Ja Yes, but limited to a single time zone and Gmail may adjust this based on user's "determined" location.
Native Support for Resources Ja No, requires Google Apps.
Meets Data Governance Requirements Ja Defaults to Postini for security and compliance, but can't claim compliance for regulations like HIPAA.
Unlimited Attachment Size Ja No, maximum allowed is 25MB. Additional cost to increase this limit.
Unlimited Number of Message Recipients Ja No, limit of 500 recipients per message. Additional cost to increase this limit.
Native Alias Support Ja No, requires Google Apps.
Unlimited Number of External Messages Per User Per Day Ja No, maximum of 2,000 external emails per user per day.
View Attachments Natively Yes; can also use the associated application (even if not installed) to view attachments. No, requires Google Apps. Does not use associated application.
Preserve Attachments When Changing Item Type Ja Nej
Reminder Notes Ja Ja
Random Patterns for Recurring Appointments Ja Nej
Management of Tasks Sent to Multiple Recipients Ja Nej
Automatic Updating/Revising of Appointments By Sender Ja Ja
Drag Content to Begin Email Ja Yes, but requires FireFox or Chrome.
Drag and Drop Messages in Web Client Ja Nej
Rich Busy Search Capabilities Ja Yes, but complex to use.
Native Phone Items Ja Nej
Home View Customization Ja Nej
Navigation Bar Ja Ja
Photos in Address Book Ja Ja

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