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What are the newest features in GroupWise 2012?

GroupWise 2012 marks the beginning of our new commitment to more frequent, customer–focused releases. The focus of GroupWise 2012 was end–user productivity, with specific emphasis on simplifying everyday email and calendaring tasks, enhancing mobile collaboration, and bringing social collaboration tools to the email experience. Specific new features include:

  • iPad web templates that give users the ability to access their GroupWise data on today's hottest mobile device (and that give IT a simple way to support them).
  • A complete WebAccess refresh featuring a more current look and feel, recurring appointments, graphical busy search, column sorting, contact photos, cross–client signatures and more.
  • Calendaring enhancements that streamline common scheduling tasks like delegating appointments, editing appointments, setting recurring appointments, and managing multi–user calendars.
  • Integrations with Novell Vibe and Skype that bring external and social collaboration capabilities right into the familiar GroupWise interface
  • Simplified ways to find and share information, including shared folder trees, easier attachment editing, and a new "relevance" sorting engine that presents your most–used contacts, folders and categories first.
What has the acquisition of Novell by The Attachmate Group done for GroupWise customers and partners?

The Attachmate Group's acquisition of Novell, finalized in May of 2011, has been a significant boon for the GroupWise community. The Attachmate Group saw great potential in GroupWise and has reinvested in the product to a significant degree—including a 33% increase in GroupWise engineering headcount, a 300% in our direct sales force, and additional resources in Marketing, Product Management, Documentation, Testing and Human Factors. Company leadership also spent several months making face–to–face visits to more than 150 GroupWise customers around the globe to re–establish relationships and listen to product feedback. All of these efforts have led to an unparalleled future product roadmap, a reinvigoration of the global GroupWise community, and renewed enthusiasm for the product and its future.

What does the future hold for GroupWise?

GroupWise has a long history, spanning more than twenty–five years as a leading collaboration platform. But the best is yet to come! Our roadmap is more robust than ever, with major releases being planned on a much more frequent basis (and drawing from much more customer input) moving forward. To find out the latest roadmap details for GroupWise and related products, visit our interactive Collaboration Roadmap Application. As we make plans and adjustments based on customer feedback, it will give you the latest information on planned releases. It also gives you helpful links for downloading the latest betas, requesting enhancements, visiting the GroupWise blog, looking up product lifecycle dates, downloading patches and updates, scheduling roadmap briefings and more. Our next release, code–named Windermere, is scheduled for 2013. It will feature administrative enhancements like Active Directory support and a web administration console, as well as new features for the Windows client and WebAccess.

Can I sync GroupWise data with any mobile device?

Mobile devices are cropping up in organizations—whether above or below the IT radar—with an astonishing breadth of form factors and supporting platforms. You can keep it all under control with Novell Data Synchronizer. This complement to Novell GroupWise lets you synchronize data from GroupWise to virtually any ActiveSync–enabled device. Best of all, Novell Data Synchronizer is a free entitlement for GroupWise customers with maintenance. And if you've got BlackBerry users, Novell's long–standing partnership with Research In Motion offers excellent support through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise.

And what about the ubiquitous iPad? You can support them through Novell Data Synchronizer, or you can take advantage of new web templates in GroupWise 2012. Designed specifically to take advantage of the Apple iPad interface and capabilities, these web templates let you access your GroupWise post office directly from your device to check and create messages, appointments, tasks and more. In the first support pack for GroupWise 2012, coming in the summer of 2012, we'll extend this web template support to Android tablets and the BlackBerry Playbook.

What benefits does GroupWise offer to administrators?

GroupWise has been synonymous with security and reliability for more than two decades, and those attributes are just as applicable today. GroupWise is more impervious to viruses than the competition, more capable of letting you leverage existing hardware investments, more friendly to a variety of back–end platforms and more capable of delivering years of consistent uptime. Best of all for overworked IT staff, its centralized, policy–based administration means that many actual GroupWise customers manage up to 10,000 user accounts with a single administrator. (Ja, du läste rätt.)

My boss wants to migrate to Exchange. How can I address this?

Organizations considering a move from GroupWise to Exchange often don't truly understand the cost of such a move. For example, did you know that the disruption to business activity and operations, alone, caused by a migration to Exchange will typically cost a 5,000–user organization more than $2.3 million US? When you add hardware, training, consulting, and administration migration time into the equation, that cost figure rises to $2.7 million. Worse, this figure doesn't even take into account the increased ongoing administration expense you'll incur once your migration is complete. Nor does it include the significantly higher licensing costs that many organizations will be faced with by going the Microsoft route, which can total as much as another $2 million for a 5,000–user organization and over $17 million for a 50,000–user organization.

How do you respond to customers interested in cloud–based solutions like Google?

Cloud–based solutions like Google can work for certain organizations. Gmail has the advantage of being a) free and b) unencumbered by hardware and administration requirements. However, Google is not an enterprise–focused company, and their capabilities do not currently meet many government information security (or storage location) regulations. In addition, they do not deliver offline or caching capabilities–which many end users need to be fully productive. Most importantly, GroupWise customers need to recognize that GroupWise and the cloud are not mutually exclusive. HostedEM, Inc., a managed services provider, now offers Hosted Enterprise Mail powered by Novell GroupWise, and DigeTekS, a longtime Novell partner, has an established hosted GroupWise practice. These partners (and more) are available to give you all the security, reliability and end–user productivity features you count on from GroupWise–combined with the cost and administrative advantages of a hosted deployment model.

Does GroupWise compete with social collaboration tools like Facebook, Twitter, Jabber, and more?

Email is the backbone of personal productivity. And despite recent claims of email's demise, research shows that the amount of time the average end user spends in email today still dwarfs time spent in other (and more social) communication channels combined. Many users think that email and social is an "either/or" proposition, but Novell brings these two worlds together by integrating social collaboration tools into the GroupWise environment that millions of users call home. Examples in GroupWise 2012 include social icons for incoming mail, integration with Novell Vibe and Skype, and embedded presence indicators and chat. This unique blend of "tried–and true" and "next–gen" capabilities makes GroupWise the perfect solution for mixed workforces and a natural entry point for collaboration in the Twenty–first Century.

Where can I find third–party solutions that integrate with GroupWise?

One of the greatest assets of the GroupWise community is the very active and engaged set of ISV partners who add value to the product in numerous areas. The breadth and depth of their solutions is impressive–encompassing everything from email hygiene and document management to administration, auditing, and eDiscovery tools. You can see a list of all the third–party products certified to work with GroupWise.

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Where can I get the latest patches and updates for GroupWise, and where can I submit a GroupWise enhancement request?

You can download the latest patches and updates for GroupWise. You can also submit enhancement requests. These requests are frequently reviewed and prioritized for incorporation in the GroupWise roadmap.

What is Novell Vibe?

Novell Vibe complements GroupWise with unparalleled team collaboration capabilities. If your organization needs to manage content, bring people together to work on projects, make better use of knowledge assets, or automate business processes, Novell Vibe is for you! Best of all, it's integrated with both Novell GroupWise and Novell Messenger, and it's included in the Novell Open Workgroup Suite!

Does Novell still host BrainShare?

Ja. Novell BrainShare is Novell's premiere user and partner conference, drawing thousands of attendees from all over the world to Salt Lake City. Get a recap of BrainShare 2011–or start making plans to attend BrainShare 2013.

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