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Mobile Device Management Efficiency

Mobil enhet

Scale quickly to meet growing needs

Mobile devices are here to stay, but you can't manage them with traditional systems management solutions. That means your IT staff will either have to manage mobile devices by hand—an approach that is incredibly expensive and prone to error—or you will need to find something incredible that manages mobile devices for them.

Welcome to that something incredible.

Novell ZENworks Mobile Management gives IT the ability to effectively scale the management of an extremely diverse array of mobile devices without significantly increasing IT overhead.

Med ZENworks Mobile Management kan du:

  • Tillhandahåller alla nya enheter OTA (även BYOD-enheter)
  • Manage a wide variety of mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Symbian Windows Phone7 and any ActiveSync-ready device Learn More +
  • Provision the apps, access and files users need—even if they bring their own devices
  • Definierar och upprätthåller säkerhetspolicyer
  • Encrypt data on mobile devices to protect against theft or loss
  • Lock out or even wipe the data on lost or stolen devices
  • Definierar och upprätthåller befogenhetsnivån för att radera data från BYOD-enheter
  • Förhindrar åtkomst till känsliga företagsresurser från BYOD-användare som inte medger övervakning från IT-avdelningen
  • Spårar och rapporterar om enhets- och licenstillgångar
  • Rapporterar om efterlevnadsstatus

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