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Novell GroupWise 8: Hardening GroupWise Security (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9508]

Course Overview

This course is intended for those who wish to enhance GroupWise Security. The student will learn about using LDAP Authentication,  creating and miniting SSL Certificats to use for end-to end secuirty. SSL-ize communication for MTA to MTA, MTA to POA and POA to Client communications. We will also  learn to add SSL certificates to the Apache Web Server on Linux.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

Audience Summary

This class is designed for GroupWise Administrators interested in understanding and adding a higher degree of security to the default security levels of Novell GroupWis

Course Prerequisites

This course assumes that attendance of either the 3063 GroupWise 7 Administraion or 8015 GroupWise 8 Adminsistration course or equivalent GroupWise Administartion Experience

Course Outline

This course is taught as follows:


Objective 1: Enable agents to run as a Non-Root User

-- Exercise 1-1: Configure GroupWise Agents to run as non Root user


Objective 2: Activating LDAP Authentication

-- Exercise 2-1: Enable LDAP Authentication

---- Task 1: Enable the POA for LDAP Authentication

---- Task 2: Test LDAP authentication from the Linux POA

---- Task 3: Enable LDAP Authentication Pooling


Objective 3: Enable SSL connections

-- Exercise 3-1: Enable SSL

---- Task 1: Enable SSL for LDAP Authentication

---- Task 2: SSL Enable the MTA and POA

---- Task 3: SL Enable POA- Client connections

-- Exercise 3-2: SSL-ize Apache on Linux for WebAccess

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