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SUSE Linux Enterprise for Red Hat Administrators (Novell Technical Training) [Course 9059]

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In this course, Red Hat system administrators are instructed in how to, and feel comfortable with, administering a SUSE Linux system. The course is designed with a Red Hat system administrator with RHCE/RHCT or equivalent experience in mind

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn the following Linux concepts and skills:

  • The differences between Red hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • How to prepare for the Certified Linux Professional (CLP) certification

Audience Summary

This course is designed for IT professionals who are currently RHCE/RHCT certified and are interested in receiving the SUSE Linux Enterprise CLP (Certified Linux Professional) certification.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have a current RHCE or RHCT certification, or equivalent experience with Red Hat.

Course Outline

SECTION 1: Introduction and YaST

  • Objective 1: Introduction to SUSE Linux
  • Objective 2: Introduction to YaST
  • Objective 3: Introduction to SuSEconfig

SECTION 2: Installation

  • Objective 1: Installation Process and Defaults
  • Objective 2: Customer Center and Subscriptions

SECTION 3: The Linux File System

  • Objective 1: SUSE File and Directories

SECTION 4: Shell and User Environment

  • Objective 1: The Shell and User Environment in SUSE

SECTION 5: The GUI Environment

  • Objective 1: Overview of the SLE11 GNOME Desktop

SECTION 6: Software Management

  • Objective 1: Introduction to libzypp
  • Objective 2: Software Management Tools
  • Objective 3: Software Patching and Updates

SECTION 7: Users and Security

  • Objective 1: User Management
  • Objective 2: Delegation of Administration
  • Objective 3: YaST Local Security Module
  • Objective 4: POSIX ACL Support
  • Objective 5: AppArmor

SECTION 8: Process Management

  • Objective 1: Differences in cron

SECTION 9: System Initialization

  • Objective 1: The SUSE System Initialization Process

SECTION 10: Storage Management

  • Objective 1: Partitioning and Volume Management
  • Objective 2: Quota Support

SECTION 11: Network Configuration

  • Objective 1: Network Configuration
  • Objective 2: SUSEFirewall2

SECTION 12: Hardware and Drivers

  • Objective 1: Display Hardware Information
  • Objective 2: Driver Loading

SECTION 13: System Monitoring

  • Objective 1: syslog-ng

SECTION 14: Common Services

  • Objective 1: Apache
  • Objective 2: Samba
  • Objective 3: DNS
  • Objective 4: DHCP

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