Objectives for the Novell Certified Engineer


3089 Objectives

  • Describe the Value Proposition of OES 2
  • Plan a SUSE Linux Enterprise Enterprise Server 10 SP 1 Deployment
  • Install SLES 10 SP 1
  • Describe the Linux Load Procedure
  • Manage GRUB
  • Manage Runlevels
  • Understand the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  • Identify File Types in the Linux System
  • Change Directories and List Directory Contents
  • Create View Files
  • Work With Files and Directories
  • Find Files on Linux
  • Search File Contents
  • Manage User and Group Accounts with YaST
  • Describe Basic Linux User Security Features
  • Manage User and Group Accounts from the Command Line
  • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
  • Ensure File System Security
  • Select a Linux File System
  • Configure Linux File System Partitions
  • Manage Linux File Systems
  • Configure Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Manage RPM Software Packages
  • Verify and Update Software Library Access
  • View and Manage Processes
  • Schedule Jobs
  • Monitor a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 System
  • Use System Logging Services
  • Monitor Login Activity
  • Manage the Server Configuration
  • Manage the Network Configuration
  • Start, Shutdown, and Restart the Server
  • Manage Applications and Services
  • Manage Volumes
  • Manage eDirectory
  • Prepare the Server for OES 2 for Linux
  • Install OES 2 for Linux
  • Manage OES 2 for Linux Services
  • Configure eDirectory Users to Access an OES 2 Linux Server
  • Describe Novell OES 2 Storage Solutions
  • Provide File Access with NCP Server
  • Configure Novell Storage Services
  • Implement Dynamic Storage Technology

3090 Objectives

  • Understand How Virtualization with Xen Works
  • Install Xen
  • Manage Xen Domains with Virt-Manager
  • Manage Xen Domains from the Command Line
  • Understand Xen Networking
  • Virtualized NetWare
  • Describe Supported OES 2 Migration Scenarios and Tools
  • Prepare Servers for Migration to OES 2 for Linux
  • Migrate Data from NetWare to OES 2 for Linux
  • Migrate Printing from NetWare to OES 2 for Linus
  • Migrate DNS/DHCP from NetWare to OES 2 for Linux
  • Perform an OES 2 for Linux Installation
  • Configure the OES 2 Installation
  • Use Novell Self-Help Resources
  • Perform an Online Update
  • Create a Local Update Server
  • Maintain OES 2 for Linux
  • Troubleshoot Common OES 2 for Linux Issues
  • Review How DST Works
  • Plan a DST Implementation
  • Create an NCP Server Shadow Volume
  • Create an NSS Shadow Volume
  • Implement Shadow Volume Policies
  • Describe Public Key Cryptography
  • Manage Novell Certificate Server
  • Troubleshoot Novell Certificate Server Issues
  • Configure iFolder 3.6
  • Configure NetStorage
  • Configure Novell Archive and Version Services


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Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.


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