2.3 Flat File Settings

Analyzer flat file settings govern the connections between Analyzer and your data files. Analyzer organizes its connection settings into three pages:

To access these settings from the Project view, right-click a flat file profile, then select Properties. You can modify the settings in any of these pages. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.

2.3.1 File Path

The File Path page contains the following settings:

Table 2-9 File Path Settings



File Path

Specifies the path to the desired file.

File Path > Encoding

Specifies the character encoding used in the specified file. The default setting is UTF-8.

2.3.2 Delimiter Settings

The Delimiter Settings page contains the following settings:

Table 2-10 Delimiter Settings




Specifies a name for the flat file profile. This name is used for the profile object in the Project View. By default, this is the filename, but you can use any name you want.


(Optional) Specifies a more detailed description for the flat file profile.

Object Class

Specifies the object class to which the attribute values in the selected file should be associated. For example, a file of user information should be associated with the User class.

Field Delimiter

Specifies the field delimiter used in the selected file. The default setting is a comma.

Text Delimiter

Specifies the character used to enclose values that contain the field delimiter as part of the value. You can choose between double quotes (“ ”) and single quotes (‘ ’).

First Row Contains Field Names

When this option is selected, Analyzer treats the first row of the data file as field names. Analyzer treats these field names as attribute names, so they should match the appropriate attribute names in the associated Object Class.

2.3.3 Field Names

The Field Names page lets you modify the field names used in the flat file profile.

By default, Analyzer displays generic field names if First Row Contains Field Names is not selected in the Delimited Text Settings dialog box. If First Row Contains Field Names is selected, Analyzer lists the values in the first data row as the field names. Regardless of the values initially displayed, you can adjust the field names after they are created.