5.0 Upgrading Business Continuity Clustering for NetWare

Novell® Business Continuity Clustering (BCC) 1.1 SP2 for NetWare® 6.5 SP8 supports upgrades from Novell Cluster Services™ clusters that are running BCC 1.1 SP1 for NetWare 6.5 SP6 or from clusters running BCC 1.0 (which is available on NetWare only).

BCC 1.2 for OES 2 SP1 Linux supports conversion from BCC 1.1 SP2 on NetWare. In order to convert BCC clusters from NetWare to Linux clusters, you must first upgrade existing BCC 1.0 or BCC 1.1 SP1 for NetWare clusters to BCC 1.1 SP2 for NetWare. For information about converting to BCC 1.2 for Linux, see Converting BCC Clusters from NetWare to Linux in the BCC 1.2: Administration Guide for OES 2 SP1 Linux.

This section covers two upgrade scenarios: