7.2 Upgrading to 64-Bit Identity Manager 3.6.1

There is no in-place upgrade of the OES 2 SP1 operating system from 32-bit to 64-bit. The upgrade from 32-bit Identity Manager 3.6 to 64-bit Identity Manager 3.6.1 requires a rebuild of the 64-bit cluster node to install the 64-bit OES 2 SP1 Linux operating system and the Identity Manager and iManager software components. You must re-create the BCC drivers.

Repeat the following steps for the Identity Manager node in each peer cluster of the business continuity cluster:

  1. Before you upgrade to Identity Manager 3.6.1, save the BCC driver configuration information, then stop the BCC drivers.

  2. On a 64-bit machine, reinstall the operating system with the 64-bit OES 2 SP1 Linux, then install Identity Manager 3.6.1 and iManager 2.7.2 on the system as described in Section 4.1.7, Identity Manager 3.6.1 Bundle Edition.

  3. Re-create the BCC drivers in Identity Manager.

    For information about creating drivers, see Section 9.0, Configuring the Identity Manager Drivers for BCC.