10.1 Enabling Clusters for Business Continuity

You can enable two to four clusters to form a business continuity cluster. Enable BCC for each Novell Cluster Services cluster that you want to add to the business continuity cluster.

  1. Start your Internet browser and enter the URL for iManager.

    The URL is http://server_ip_address/nps/iManager.html. Replace server_ip_address with the IP address or DNS name of the server that has iManager and the Identity Manager preconfigured templates for iManager installed. This server must be in the same eDirectory tree as the cluster you are enabling for business continuity.

  2. Specify your username and password, specify the tree where you want to log in, then click Login.

  3. Ensure that the BCC-specific Identity Manager drivers are running:

    1. In Roles and Tasks, click Identity Manager, then click the Identity Manager Overview link.

    2. Search the eDirectory Container or tree for the BCC-specific Identity Manager drivers.

    3. For each driver, click the upper right corner of the driver icon to see if a driver is started or stopped.

    4. If the driver is stopped, start it by selecting Start.

  4. In Roles and Tasks, click Clusters, then click the Cluster Options link.

  5. Specify a cluster name, or browse and select one.

  6. Click the Properties button, then click the Business Continuity tab.

  7. Select the Enable Business Continuity Features check box.

  8. Repeat Step 1 through Step 7 for each cluster that you want to add to the business continuity cluster.

  9. Wait for the BCC Identity Manager drivers to synchronize.

    You can use the cluster connections command to list the clusters. The drivers are synchronized when all of the peer clusters are present in the list.

  10. Continue with Adding Peer Cluster Credentials.