8.2 BCC-Enabling Cluster Resources

Cluster resources must be enabled for business continuity on the primary cluster before they can be synchronized and appear as resources in the peer clusters in the business continuity cluster. Enabling a cluster resource makes it possible for that cluster resource or cluster pool resource to be migrated to another cluster.

  1. Log in to iManager as the BCC Administrator user.

  2. In Roles and Tasks, click Clusters > My Clusters, then click the cluster name.

  3. Click the Cluster Options tab.

  4. Select the desired cluster resource from the list of Cluster objects, then click the Details link to view the resource Properties page.

  5. Select the Business Continuity tab.

  6. Enable a cluster resource or cluster pool resource for business continuity by selecting the Enable Business Continuity Features check box, then click Apply.

  7. Select the Scripts tab, then view the load script and ensure that the volume ID used by the resource is unique across all nodes of every peer cluster.

    If the volume ID is not unique, modify the volume ID value to assign a unique ID, then click Apply. The change is not applied until you take the resource offline and then bring it online.

    You can use the ncpcon volumes command on each node in every peer cluster to identify the volume IDs in use by all mounted volumes. Compare the results for each server to identify the duplicates.

  8. If you have not created a cluster replacement script to specify search-and-replace values for the entire cluster, do one of the following: