7.0 Partitioning and Replicating Novell eDirectory

A partition is a subdivision of your Novell® eDirectory™ tree that can be stored and replicated as an independent unit across multiple servers. If your tree is large or spans WAN links, you can partition and replicate it to improve network performance and fault tolerance. For details, see “ Replicas” and “ Partitions” in the Novell eDirectory Administration Guide.

To perform partition and replication operations, you need the Supervisor right to the part of the eDirectory tree that you will partition or replicate. In your tree, the containers that have an Partition icon icon next to them mark the points where the tree is partitioned. (Each of these containers is the root of a partition.) At such points, you can open a special view in the right pane (illustrated below) to see and configure the replicas of the partition. You can also access similar views from server objects in the tree.

Figure 7-1 Partition and Replica View

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