2.3 Managing Initial Synchronization from GroupWise to the Mobility Connector

From your point of view as the Synchronizer administrator, initial synchronization means that GroupWise data has been synchronized to the Mobility Connector and is ready to be synchronized to users’ mobile devices as soon as users configure their mobile devices to connect to the Synchronizer system. By default, two weeks of past calendar items, all future calendar items, and all personal address books except the Frequent Contacts address book are automatically synchronized. Three days of past email is also synchronized from the GroupWise Mailbox folder to the In Box on mobile devices.

When you have added several users to the Mobility Connector at the same time, the Mobility Connector performs initial synchronization for four users at once. First it initializes the user, then it synchronizes GroupWise items, then it synchronizes contacts from personal address books. When it finishes with one of the four users, it starts on another user.

You should complete this initial synchronization before you notify users to configure their mobile devices. Initial synchronization can take a substantial amount of time, depending on the amount of data to synchronize. Occasionally, initial synchronization fails, and troubleshooting is required.

For more information about managing user synchronization and device synchronization, see: