4.2 Managing Mobile Devices (Resynchronize, Delete, Block, Reset)

After users have configured their mobile devices and connected to the Synchronizer system, additional options are available on the Connector Monitoring Information page.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click Monitor icon (Monitoring) in the Actions column for the Mobility Connector to display the Connector Monitoring Information page.

    Connector Monitoring page

    NOTE:If your Synchronizer system services a large number of mobile device users, you might need to wait for this page to display.

  2. Use the options in the Device column to manage devices where synchronization is already active:

    Device Option


    Resynchronize Device icon (Resynchronize Device)

    Resynchronizes the mobile device, so that synchronization starts over from the beginning. Use this option when the data on a user’s mobile device does not match the contents of the user’s GroupWise mailbox.

    A user can accomplish the same thing by removing the account from the mobile device and re-adding it, so that the GroupWise data resynchronizes from the mailbox to the mobile device.

    Block Device icon (Block Device)

    Prevents the mobile device from connecting to the Synchronizer system. Use this option when a mobile device is temporarily disrupting your Synchronizer system. See Section 4.5, Blocking Specific Users and Devices after Initial Synchronization for complete instructions.

    Reset Device icon (Reset Device)

    Resets the mobile device to factory default settings. Use this option when a user has lost a mobile device.

    The Mobility Connector sends the Reset command to the mobile device, but different devices respond to the Reset command in different ways. On some mobile devices, this functionality is known as a “kill pill.” Regardless of the device-specific functionality, this is a very serious step to take with a mobile device. See Section 4.6, Resetting a Device to Factory Default Settings for complete instructions.

    Delete Device icon (Delete Device)

    Deletes the mobile device from the Mobility Connector. Use this option when a user is no longer using a particular mobile device.

  3. Mouse over a device ID to display a description of the mobile device, along with the date and time when the device last connected to the Synchronizer system.