3.2 Blocking/Unblocking Incoming Devices before Initial Synchronization

Initial synchronization of GroupWise data to users’ mobile devices is more efficient if the GroupWise data is completely synchronized to the Mobility Connector before users start connecting their mobile devices to the Synchronizer system. To prevent users from connecting their devices before the Mobility Connector has received all of their GroupWise data, you can block devices from connecting to the Synchronizer system.

If you used the Block Incoming Devices option in the Mobility Pack Installation program to prevent users from connecting their mobile devices to your Synchronizer system until you are ready to do so, you must deselect the corresponding option in Synchronizer Web Admin when you are ready for users to connect.

If you did not use the Block Incoming Devices option in the Mobility Pack Installation program, you can block and unblock devices at any time in Synchronizer Web Admin.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the Mobility Connector to display the Mobility Connector Configuration page.

  2. Select or deselect Block Devices, as needed.

    Block Devices option
  3. Click Save Custom Settings.

  4. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  5. In the Actions column for the Mobility Connector, click Stop icon (Stop) to stop the Mobility Connector, then click Start icon (Start) to start the Mobility Connector.

    The Mobility Connector no longer allows users to connect.

  6. Monitor the initial synchronization process, as described in Section 4.1, Monitoring Mobility Connector Synchronization Status.

  7. When the GroupWise data for all users has successfully synchronized to the Mobility Connector, deselect Block Devices, then restart the Mobility Connector.

  8. Notify users that they can now connect to the Synchronizer system.

After initial synchronization, you might encounter synchronization problems with specific users or devices. For example, a problem with a specific user or device might start to consume an inappropriately large amount of system resources on your Synchronizer server. If this occurs, see Section 4.5, Blocking Specific Users and Devices after Initial Synchronization for assistance with resolving the problem.