3.7 Changing the Synchronizer Database Password

To change the Synchronizer database password, you must change the password for datasync_user in three places:

  1. Reset the password for the PostgreSQL database:

    1. In a terminal window on the Synchronizer server, become root by entering su - and the root password.

    2. Enter the following command:

      psql --user datasync_user datasync 
    3. Enter the current password for the Synchronizer database.

    4. Enter the following command at the datasync> prompt:

      ALTER USER datasync_user WITH PASSWORD 'password';

      Replace password with the new password for the Synchronizer database.

    5. Enter \q to quit.

  2. Reconfigure the Sync Engine to use the new password:

    1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click default in the Manage Engine section to display the Engine Configuration page.

    2. In the Password field in the Database Settings box, specify the new Synchronizer database password.

    3. Click Save Database Settings.

  3. Reconfigure the Config Engine to use the new password.

    In the terminal window used for Step 1:

    1. Change to the following directory:

    2. Open the configengine.xml file in a text editor.

    3. In the <database> section, replace the existing database password with the new password between the <password> tags.

    4. Save the configengine.xml file, then exit the text editor.

  4. Restart the Synchronizer services to put the new setting into effect:

    rcdatasync restart
  5. (Conditional) If you want to change the Mobility Connector database password to match the Synchronizer database password, follow the instructions in Changing the Mobility Connector Database Password in Mobility Connector Configuration in the Mobility Connector Configuration Guide.