3.6 Maintaining the Synchronizer Database

The Synchronizer database is named datasync. The default user for accessing the Synchronizer database is datasync_user.

Database maintenance activities for the Synchronizer database ensure satisfactory performance for Synchronizer users.

3.6.1 Performing General PostgreSQL Database Maintenance

The Synchronizer database is a PostgreSQL database. As with any database, the Synchronizer database requires regular maintenance in order to perform reliably. If you are new to managing a PostgreSQL database, see Routine Database Maintenance Tasks on the PostgreSQL Documentation Web site for assistance.

3.6.2 Configuring Database Maintenance

The Synchronizer stores Synchronizer system configuration information and pending events when synchronization between the Sync Engine and connectors is interrupted. By default, automatic database maintenance cleans up orphaned and expired records every 2 hours. You can change this interval as needed. For example, you might prefer one-time nightly maintenance.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the Sync Engine (default) to display the Engine Configuration page, then click Edit XML Source to display the Engine XML Source window.

  2. Add the following tags between the <settings> and </settings> tags:

  3. Replace seconds with the time interval for database maintenance.

    For example, you could specify 86400 to perform database maintenance once a day, at midnight.

  4. Click Save XML to save your change, then click Edit Settings Form to return to the Engine Configuration page.

  5. In a terminal window, restart the Sync Engine to put the new database maintenance setting into effect.

    rcdatasync_syncengine restart