4.4 Configuring Servers

  1. Right-click the server icon Server Icon in the Outline view.

  2. Select Properties.

Table 4-3 lists settings for the Server Properties page:

Table 4-3 Settings for the Server Properties Page




The name of the Server object. The Identity Vault lists the server. You can browse to and select the server.


The server’s context. The Identity Vault assigns the context. You can browse to and select the context.

Host address

The server’s IP address.

DNS name

The domain name or complete directory context name.

Identity Manager version

The version of Identity Manager that is running on the server. The default is Identity Manager 3.6. You can change the version by using the drop-down list. See Section 5.2, Changing the Identity Manager Version.

eDirectory version

The version of eDirectory that the server is using.

Assigned Driver Set

The driver set the server is assigned to.


Information that you want to specify, to help you maintain the server.

Use the Contact Information tab to provide information on the person to contact and other items of interest concerning the server.