10.0 Importing into Designer

Designer’s Import feature allows you to import the following items into defined projects:

Depending on a project’s complexity, importing can save you time in building and rebuilding drivers, channels, and policies. For instance, after a driver, channel, or policy is built, you can import it into new projects and modify it to run in the new environment instead of starting from scratch on each new driver, channel, or policy.

You import projects, drivers, channels, schema, and policies from an existing eDirectory tree running the Identity Manager system (Identity Vault) or from an exported project located in the file system. In Designer, use the Deploy feature to save drivers, channels, and policies into a Metadirectory server in an Identity Vault. Use the Export feature to save project, drivers, channels, and policies to a local, removable, or network directory.

What you can import depends on the level you are at within a project. For instance, at the File > Import level, you can import a project from the file system or from an Identity Vault. At the project level, you can import driver sets, drivers, channels and policies; at the driver level, you can import channels and policies, and at the channel level, you can import policies.

During import, Designer does not import anything that is encrypted. This includes named passwords, e-mail notifications, existing certificates, and the Secure Login administrator password.