3.13 Modeling Active Directory Domain Controllers

3.13.1 Configuring a Connection

You can configure an LDAP connection to an Active Directory system so that you can discover its Domain Controllers.

  1. Right-click the Active Directory application, then select Properties > Connectivity.

    The Connectivity page
  2. Complete the LDAP authentication information.

    As you tab from the Host field to the User field, Designer automatically builds a full user context. You can modify this context.

3.13.2 Discovering Controllers

  1. Right-click the Active Directory application.

  2. Select Discover Domain Controllers.

    Domain controllers

    If Designer finds any controllers, it lays them out and expands the Active Directory application as a container.

3.13.3 Information about Domain Controllers

Information about each controller is loaded into the Modeler. To view this information, edit the Domain Controller object and select the AD Domain page.

Figure 3-34 The AD Domain Page

If the LDAP connection information is filled out, you can reread the information from that system by clicking the Refresh button.