4.2 Managing Perspectives

A perspective is a collection of related views and editors. To get to the perspective choices, select Window > Open Perspective > Other. The following perspectives are available:

4.2.1 Opening a Perspective

The Designer perspective should be open and active the first time you run the application. If you close the perspective and want to reopen it, use menus or the Perspective Bar.

Using Menus to Open a Perspective

  1. On the main menu, click Window > Open Perspective.

    Opening a perspective
  2. Select Designer.

  3. Click OK.

Using the Perspective Bar to Open a Perspective

  1. On the main Perspective Bar (found on the right side, on the same level as the toolbar), click the Perspective Switcher icon.

    Selecting the Perspective Switcher
  2. From the list, select Designer, then click OK.

4.2.2 Resetting a Perspective

After moving or resizing items in the Modeler workspace, you might want to return your perspective to its original layout. To quickly reset items in the workspace:

  1. From the main menu, click Window.

  2. Click Reset Perspective.

4.2.3 Closing a Perspective

Do one of the following:

  • On the main menu, select Window > Close Perspective (or Close All Perspectives).

    Figure 4-3 Options to Close a Perspective

  • On the Perspective Bar, right-click the perspective, then click Close.