4.8 The Properties View

The Properties view displays information on key-value pairs (for example, Max Log Entries 2). The information displayed depends on what is selected in the active view (for example, the Modeler or Outline view).

Often, the Properties view lets you edit the information. For example, you can select a driver in the Modeler and then edit the trace level associated with that driver. You can also view and edit the Administrator settings in an Identity Vault.

Figure 4-13 The Properties View of an Active Directory Driver

4.8.1 The Spinner Control

Figure 4-14 The Spinner Control

When you edit numeric values in the Properties view, Designer displays a spinner control so that you can increase or decrease the number.

The maximum value on the spinner is set appropriately, based on the attribute type. For example, the maximum for log entries is 500.

4.8.2 The DN Cell Editor

Figure 4-15 DN Cell Editor

To edit attributes that are of type DN syntax (for example, Driver Set Deploy Context):

  1. Click Deploy Context.

  2. Type the distinguished name of the context.

    You can also click the Browse button, then browse to and select an object with the eDirectory browser. In this case, you are selecting the Distinguished Name of the container to deploy the driver set.

4.8.3 Editing Boolean Values

Figure 4-16 Drop-Down List for Boolean Values

To edit Boolean values, select true or false from the drop-down list.

4.8.4 Keyboard Tips

Table 4-7 Keyboard Tips



Save the value of the current cell editor and set the focus on the next editor.

Press Tab, Enter, the Up-arrow, or the Down-arrow.

Navigate backwards.

Press Shift+Tab. Navigation loops when you reach the top or bottom of a value.

Exit the Properties view.

Press Ctrl+Tab for forward navigation. Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab for backward navigation.

4.8.5 Resizing Column Widths

If you resize the columns in the Properties view, those column widths persist in user preferences. When you open the Properties view again or restart Designer, the resized widths are displayed.

4.8.6 Summary Table

Table 4-8 Properties View Tasks




If the view doesn’t already display, select Window > Show View > Properties.


Edit the settings of any item selected in the Modeler or Outline View.


If you have selected more than one item, you can edit any settings that both items have in common. For example, if both items have a Name setting, you can select both and edit once. The change is made to both items. This function can boost productivity on certain edit operations.


When you click Save, all changes are saved to the project file. When you reopen the project, all settings are restored.

Boolean Editor

You can edit Boolean settings (true/false) by clicking the value, which toggles to the other value.