A.2 Identity Vault Operations

The following figure illustrates Modeler operations that are available when you right-click an Identity Vault.

Figure A-2 Identity Vault Operations

Table A-2 Identity Vault Operations



New > Driver Set

Adds a Driver Set object to an Identity Vault.

New > Library

Launches the New Library Wizard.

New > Server

Launches the Add Server Wizard.

Straighten Connections

Straightens lines for selected items. For example, you can straighten a line to a driver, all lines in a driver set, everything in a Domain Group, or an entire project. If a line is not within a few degrees of being horizontal or vertical, this option is dimmed.

Select Connected Applications

Selects all applications that are connected to the driver set or Identity Vault. This is convenient if you have several applications connected to a driver set. You can quickly move them all or delete them all without browsing to and selecting each one.


Evenly distributes applications vertically or horizontally. Press Ctrl, select the items that you want to distribute, then select a pattern.


Aligns applications according to a pattern that you select. Press Ctrl, select the items, then select a pattern (for example, Align Bottom). See Table A-6.

Change to eDirectory Tree

Changes an Identity Vault to an eDirectory™ tree. In Architect mode, this option displays a tree instead of a vault. This is just for diagramming purposes; there is no functional difference.

Change to Identity Vault/Metadirectory

Changes an eDirectory tree into an Identity Vault. In Developer mode, this option displays a vault instead of a tree. This is just for diagramming purposes; there is no functional difference.

Add to Group

Creates a Domain Group, and adds the selected items to it. The selected items are removed from any group to which they were previously associated.

Manage Vault Schema

Launches the Schema Manage tool, from which you can manipulate schema settings for the selected Identity Vault or directory.

Document Selection

Launches the Document Generation Wizard, which documents the selected Identity Vault.

Import Schema from File

Enables you to browse to a file and import a schema into a .sch or .ldif file.

Import from Configuration File

Allows you to browse to and import a driver configuration file.

Export to File > Configuration

Exports the Identity Vault to a .xml file. iManager can consume this format, and Designer can re-import it. For more information, see Section 15.10, Exporting To a File.

Export to File > Schema

Exports the schema to a .sch or .ldif file.

E-mail Templates > E-Mail Server Properties

Configures an e-mail server to send e-mail notifications. Edits templates used to notify users concerning password events. For more information, see Section 10.5, Configuring the E-Mail Server.

E-Mail Templates > Edit Templates

Launches the E-mail Templates dialog box, from which you can edit the e-mail templates associated with the selected Identity Vault. For more information, see Section 10.0, Setting Up E-Mail Notification Templates.

E-Mail Templates > Update Templates

Adds localized templates to the Default Notification Collection.

Live > Import

Enables you to connect to a server, browse to and select objects, and import the objects into the Identity Vault.

Live > Deploy

Prepares a deployment summary and then deploys selected objects and attributes.

Live > Compare

Compares selected Identity Vaults. Enables you to reconcile or update Identity Vaults. See Section 15.7, Using the Compare Feature When Deploying.

Live > Schema > Import

Imports the schema from an existing Identity Vault.

Live > Schema > Deploy

Deploys the modified or imported schema.

Live > iManager

Enables you to connect to a server and launch iManager.

Live > Manage Directory

Launches the eDirectory Object Manager, which allows you to view, and edit attributes for, the selected Identity Vault. For more information, see Section 17.6, Managing Directory Objects.

Live > Status for All Drivers

Lists drivers that are stopped or running.

Live > Start All Drivers

Starts all drivers associated with the selected object.

Live > Stop All Drivers

Stops all drivers associated with the selected object.

Live > Restart All Drivers

Restarts all drivers associated with the selected object.


Deletes the Identity Vault.


Displays the Identity Vault’s properties pages.