6.7 Managing a Copy of an Application Schema

The Identity Manager engine currently uses the application schema for the following:

6.7.1 Editing an Application’s Schema

Designer enables you to manage a copy of the connected system’s schema. You can make changes to a copy of the application schema so that you can test the Identity Manager drivers in Designer. The schema changes cannot be deployed into the live application schema.

  1. Right-click the driver connection in Designer, then select Manage Application Schema.

  2. Add, rename, or delete the application’s classes or attributes, then click OK.

    A list of attributes for an example class



    DN format

    Specifies the separator character used when specifying distinguished names. For example, admin.utah.novell.com.


    Lists all of the classes stored in Designer from the application’s schema.

    Add a class

    Adds a new class.

    Rename class

    Renames the selected class.

    Delete class

    Deletes the selected class.

    Refresh application schema

    Provides a new copy of the application’s schema.This option is useful if the application schema changes.


    Launches the Help documentation for the Manage Schema tool.

    Flags: Container

    Specifies whether the class is a container.


    The unique ID of the class.

    Attributes of This Class

    Lists all of the attributes stored in Designer for the selected class from the application’s schema.

    Add an attribute

    Adds a new attribute for the selected class.

    Rename attribute

    Renames the selected attribute.

    Delete attribute

    Deletes the selected attribute.


    Specifies the details of the attribute. To edit the flags, select an attribute.


    Specifies the syntax of the attribute. To view the syntax, select an attribute. To change the syntax, select an option from the drop-down list.

6.7.2 Refreshing the Application Schema

If the application schema changes, you can get a new copy of the application’s schema by refreshing the application schema.

  1. Right-click the driver connection, then select Live > Refresh Application Schema.

    The Refresh Application Schema menu option
  2. Click the browse icon.

    The Browse icon
  3. Browse to and select the server where the driver is installed, then click OK twice.