10.2 Editing a Notification Template

  1. Select an Identity Vault.

  2. In the Outline view, right-click a template (for example, Forgot Hint), then select Edit.

  3. Select a format, specify a subject, add tokens, customize the message that users receive, then save and close the template.

    A notification template

10.2.1 Selecting a Format

Select whether users receive this e-mail notification in HTML or text format.

Figure 10-1 Options for Sending the Notification

10.2.2 Specifying a Subject

The subject is the text that a user views in an e-mail’s Subject heading or field. You can change the text in the Subject field. You can also use tokens here. The text or tokens don’t determine the name of the template.

Figure 10-2 The Subject Field

10.2.3 Working with Tokens

A token is a variable or replacement tag for items such as the user’s name. Tokens help you personalize the message to the user.

Figure 10-3 The Tokens Dialog Box

Each template includes default tokens. For example, the Forgot Password e-mail template for sending a password to the user includes the default replacement tag named $CurrentPassword$.

You can define other tokens for use in the body of the message or in the subject. Your ability to do so depends on the application that uses the templates. To find out how to define additional replacement tags, see the documentation for the application. For example, Identity Manager Password Synchronization can’t use a replacement tag that you create unless the policy in the driver configuration that uses the template also contains the definition of the replacement tag.

Adding a Token

  1. Click New.

    The Create Replacement Tag dialog box
  2. In the Create a Replacement Tag dialog box, type a name for the token.

    You don’t need to type the $ characters. Designer provides them.

  3. Type a description for the token.

  4. Click OK.

When you add a token, the tag is automatically added to the XML source for the template. After you add a tag, you can edit it only in the XML Source view.

Removing a Token

To delete a token, select it, then click Remove.

Make sure that you don’t remove tags that are needed for the body of the message.

Inserting a Token

  1. In the template, click where you want to insert a token.

  2. Select a token.

  3. Click Insert.

    Designer inserts the selected token into the e-mail template.

10.2.4 Editing a Template Message

The text of the e-mail message appears in the Message field. Customize the text so that it suits your environment. Use tokens to personalize the e-mail message.

Figure 10-4 The Message Edit Box

  1. In the E-Mail Template Editor, place your cursor in the Message edit box, then press Ctrl+Spacebar.

  2. Select an HTML tag by double-clicking a tag in the drop-down list.

    HTML tags
  3. Format text by using the toolbar.

    The Notification Template toolbar
  4. Preview the text by clicking the Preview icon The Preview icon .

  5. Save the template by selecting File > Save.

    You can also click the Save icon.

    If the code isn’t valid, you can’t save the template.